SÁB 25 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2021 - 10:02hs.
From this Saturday (24)

Portugal casinos in risky counties may reopen with negative test or certificate requirement

From this Saturday, casinos in Portugal located in high or very high risk counties will be able to open their doors again. A government order published this Friday (23) in Diário da República 'allows the reopening of gambling establishments, casinos, bingos or similar' located in these municipalities, but it will be necessary to submit a negative test to COVID or digital certificate to enter.

The the order signed by the Minister of Economy states that "games of chance, casinos, bingos or similar establishments have demonstrated the capacity to assume strict compliance with safety and health rules and measures," according to what the Government considers that its reopening is justified.

Access to the venues will depend, however, on the presentation of the digital certificate or a test with a negative result, as required for entry into restaurants on weekends in these municipalities, which since yesterday (22) amount to 116.

The requirement to present a certificate or test with a negative result "is waived to the workers of the establishments", the order details, "as well as to any suppliers or service providers that enable the operation of the same, except, in both cases, if it is required under other standards."

Casinos and gambling establishments located in the highest risk districts had been closed since June 9, when the measures applicable to the calamity situation due to the worsening of the pandemic were tightened.

Source: Jornal de Negócios