JUE 16 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2021 - 18:21hs.
Today (13), at 7:30 pm

ApostasFC holds webinar on taxation of bettors in the Brazilian market

The Brazilian web portal ApostasFC organizes today at 7:30 pm (local time) a debate on its YouTube channel with Udo Seckelmann, lawyer at Bichara e Motta, Rodrigo Alves (co-founder of the site and president of ABAESP – Brazilian Association of Sports Betting) and Rodrigo Gasparini (Product manager at ApostasFC) to discuss about taxation of bettors and other aspects of the legislation/regulation of sports betting in Brazil.

Created in 2013, ApostasFC was developed to bring tips and hunches on sports betting, sweepstakes and contests, and mainly to foster the community of interested parties in the universe of sports betting. Its creators already brought at the time more than 5 years of experience in sports betting, thus having the pioneering spirit and recognition of other bettors like them.

Udo Seckelmann is a lawyer graduated from PUC-RJ (2017) and holds a master's degree (LL.M) in International Sports Law from the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE) in Madrid, Spain (2019). He has been working in the areas of Sports Law, Gaming Law, Civil Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution at Bichara e Motta Advogados since 2014, when he joined the firm. He has experience in litigation before the CBF, FIFA, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS / CAS) and various sports dispute resolution bodies.

"After the change in the taxation of the betting operator of Law 13,756/2018, we have to turn our focus to the taxation of the bettor, which is just as sensitive a topic. In this debate, we will discuss how the taxation of the bettor can affect the market betting, the model currently established in the law, what can be changed and what can we expect from the regulation," Seckelmann explained to GMB.

Seckelmann also provides advice and consultancy to various players in the sports market - such as athletes, coaches, agents, investors, clubs, federations and confederations - and the gambling industry - such as betting operators, iGaming solution providers, collection companies sports data, integrity service providers and betting monitoring.

Rodrigo Alves, also known as “LocoBets”, runs the ApostasFC website project, but he is already a known name in the sports betting world since the time of Orkut and was one of the first bettors in Brazil, in mid-2008.

Alves was one of the 16 founding members of ABAESP (Brazilian Association of Sports Betting), a non-profit organization that aims to defend the rights and interests of its members as well as companies, operators and other entities that seek to see the Brazilian sports betting market positively regulated. On his part, Rodrigo Gasparini has been a sports journalist for 23 years and Product Manager at ApostasFC.

Source: GMB