JUE 16 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2021 - 19:34hs.
By Councilor Ademilson Militão

New project presented for the creation of a municipal lottery in Atibaia, São Paulo

Councilor Ademilson Militão presented an indication in which he proposes to the City Hall a draft on the creation of lottery in Atibaia. The idea of the public service would be 'to explore any of the lottery modalities provided for in Federal Law No. 13.756, of 12/12/2018, which provides for the National Public Security Fund'. According to the draft, 'a lottery game is considered to be any operation, game or bet, in the form of a prognostic contest, to obtain a prize in cash or in goods of another nature.' The participation of the public power will be by the Municipal Finance Department.

The text determines as guidelines: municipal social security, and in each lottery modality explored, at least, the percentage destined by the Union for the same purpose must be observed; the financing of actions and projects and the contribution of funding resources in the areas of social assistance, human rights, sports, culture, health and public safety, in addition to animal welfare; and the payment of prizes, the payment of income tax levied on the prize and the coverage of expenses related to the cost and maintenance of the operation of the municipal lottery.

The bill foresees that the City Hall will adopt the guarantee systems that it deems convenient for the security against adulteration or contracting of tickets. It will also regulate the delivery of amounts intended for social security, the income tax levied on the award and other legal beneficiaries.

This councilor believes that the proposal will generate benefits for the citizens who had part of their funds lost during the pandemic, thus facilitating the economic recovery of the population of our city. We have no doubt that this draft law is in tune with the understanding of the Federal Supreme Court, according to which States and Municipalities can explore this type of service provision, as long as the destination has specific objectives,” concluded councilor Militão.

Source: Portal Atibaia