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Marcelo Namura, partner and Media & Data Director at the agency

“Companies are challenged to build unique messages like Bold did for Betsson”

In an interview with GMB, partner and Director of Media and Data at Bold, Marcelo Namura, spoke about the importance of creating messages that stand out and make the bookmaker want to continue with the company's marketing services. Bold is responsible for Betsson's communication since its official arrival in Brazil, including the commented sponsorship of Ibis. “The challenge for brands that are entering now is to build the best experience so that, when regulation takes place, they can explore their businesses in a more consolidated way,” explained Namura.

GMB - Currently, only one team from the series A of the Brasileirão championship is not sponsored by a bookmaker. Is this a sign that sponsoring clubs competing in this tournament is one of the most effective types of advertising for bookmakers?
Marcelo Namura -
The sponsorship of a team from the Serie A of the Brasileirão generates, without a doubt, high visibility of the brand for the sponsor. There are brands that are sponsoring up to 5 teams in the 2021 season, such as Betsul. In addition to the high exposure of the brand, the proximity that clubs generate to their fan base, including through the fan partner programs, is also important. However, it is not a single path, for example, Sportingbet and Betfair are great Brazilian advertisers and the concentration of their investments is in broadcast packages, whether open or cable.

I believe that what is important in this context is that football is the territory with the greatest impact and proximity to Brazilians, and in the context of sports betting everyone is looking for a way to position themselves for it.

What other types of advertising are needed for companies that are now entering a legal market?
We have a market that is not yet regulated, but it is very close to that moment. The challenge for brands that are entering now is to build the best product, the best experience and the best brand so that, when regulation happens, they can explore their businesses in a more consolidated way.

More than the types of advertising needed, companies have the challenge of building unique messages that can, within the emergence of so many brands in the country, stand out and gain relevance.


Does Bold have a portfolio within the sports betting area? Which actions were created and for which companies?
Bold exclusively takes care of Betsson's communication since its official arrival in Brazil, looking at the creation of its institutional messages to the exploration of onshore products, such as HC and BetssonFC as tools to promote the brand with relevance.

And when I talk about creating unique messages, it is an example of what Bold created for Betsson through the sponsorship of Ibis.

What projects related to Betsson are coming up next? 
This week is really cool as we launched the Branded Content project produced for the team with the greatest social engagement in Brazil and future ex-worst team in the world, Íbis. Signed by our studio, conceived with great affection by Juliano Mundim (Executive Producer at Bold) and made with the full support of the master sponsor Betsson Group and friends and clients Andre Gelfi & Bruna Caldas. The first chapter is always what brings the biggest butterflies in the stomach.

Based on the regulation of bookmakers, do you believe that there will be a massive investment in Brazilian sport (including others such as volleyball, swimming, etc.)?
The investment of bookmakers is already big. Considering that it is a developing market in the country, it will undoubtedly be even bigger. Brazil is very popular in other sports such as volleyball, basketball and Formula 1. I believe that targeted communication strategies for more engaged and less dispersed audiences will happen more often. This is already happening. In season 2021, Betmotion, for example, is an official partner of the NBB.

How much traffic or some kind of return are bookmakers that invest in advertising in Brazilian football championships receiving?
Sponsorship in Brazilian teams is not something new, bookmakers have been investing in the format for some years, it certainly generates an appropriate return. According to different unofficial monitoring, hundreds of thousands of hits are generated monthly for the biggest players. However, the challenge, in my view, is not just to gain access, that with good massive media and a good first deposit bonus happens, but to generate a unique experience with the product and retain this customer.


How do you see the future of the marketing secctor related to bookmakers in Brazil?
The arrival of many players will immensely heat up the market. Many will stay, some will grow substantially. As I said before, delivering a unique experience that makes the brand and the product stand out will be the key to success for a healthy and winning operation in the country.

In communication, I see that the exploration of different territories, highly creative messages and the massive use of digital - both in branding and in performance - will be the essential pillars for this market.

Source: Exclusive GMB