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APWin brings the Paulistão 2022 Guide with analysis and tips for sports betting

The best state football championship in Brazil is soon to begin and APWin, as is already tradition, prepared the Paulistão 2022 Guide, where the website brings everything about the participating teams, tournamnet regulations, curiosities and points to be observed to make the best bets. “We were the first in Brazil to produce such classic and important material, aimed at those who like sports betting and football lovers,” said the site's content producer, Amauri Barbosa, author of this work.

Knowing the difficulty of compiling information about the 16 teams from Paulistão, APWin developed this Guide to Paulista Championship 2022 to help get to know the teams in the interior, analyze the squads and help to make sports bets with tips from its team of analysts.

Starting on January 25, Paulistão will be played again soon after the first month of the year, correcting last year's calendar, when the competition started in late February due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, with the schedule adjusted, it was possible to give rest to the players of the big clubs and the pre-season of the smaller teams was done completely.

With that, APWin wasted no time and prepared this Guide to Paulista Championship 2022 bringing all the information that the user needs to place bets on football in the most difficult state’s championhip in the country.

The rich content serves to know a little more about each participating team, the championship regulation and the betting tips that the team of analysts prepared for bettors to have their hits.

The content brings all the news of the 16 participating clubs and, thus, the user can know how the squads of the interior teams were assembled and how the leading clubs of the region arrives to the competition.

The Guide, in addition to providing an overview of all clubs and the competition regulations, also shows some of the houses that have bets on the Paulista Championship. In general, all sites work with state tournaments, but they talk about the main ones to get the most out of them.

Paulistão Predictions 2022

APWin specializes in football predictions and Paulistão 2022 could not be left out, after all, the biggest and best state tournament in Brazil has a large legion of bettors and is a great championship to get greens.

So, from the first round to the final of the Paulista Championship, the bettor will have on the website blog all the Paulistão 2022 predictions that will help to profit in this competition.

“A content totally aimed at those who like sports betting and football lovers. And, as usual, we were the first in Brazil to produce this classic and important material. When I say first, it's really being number 1 in Brazil. No other traditional media outlet, such as GE, UOL, Terra and many others, has done this type of material yet,” stated Amauri Barbosa, Content Producer at APWin and Community Manager at Samba Digital.

“We close here our Guide to Paulistão 2022 for betting fans and the best football in Brazil and now you have a rich material to go after your greens in football betting. All content was written by Brazilian football experts and bettors for over 3 years, who live off football analysis,” comments the author.

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Source: GMB