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Keys, Trends, Predictions and Goals for 2022

Valter Delfraro Jr: “GLI will help Brazil and customers worldwide with unparalleled support”

In the GMB interview cycle, Valter Delfraro Jr., Business Development Executive for Brazil at Gaming Laboratories International – GLI, brings his vision for 2022. For him, this year the company's main objective is simple: “to help our customers to reach their goals, wherever in the world they want to go”. “We at GLI reaffirm our commitment to supporting both the government and regulators in developing fair laws and regulations for the Brazilian market,” commented Delfraro Jr.

GMB - What technological advancement trends do you think we will see this year in your industry?
Valter Delfraro Junior
- The pandemic will continue to generate a very big advance in the online area, as developers meet this growing area of ​​consumer demand. There will be a great demand for products in the area of ​​cybersecurity, geolocation, communication protocols and online payment methods, which will be what will ensure the advancement of online betting in a more secure way.

Obviously, the face-to-face model will not be left behind. As we can see every year in the events that are held around the world, innovative hardware and software are presented and this will surely happen. We have already noticed a recovery in this sector, especially with the implementation of innovative cashless systems that will allow the convergence of online and face-to-face modalities in the future. For us at GLI, this whole movement is exciting because we have the opportunity to work with suppliers and regulators around the world, helping the industry move forward.

How far do you envision the player's customs and requirements to satisfy in 2022?
Considering that more and more players are aware of their rights, the concept of Responsible Gaming is becoming more relevant every day. We can see this in the requirements set by regulators in their compliance regulations for operators and suppliers. But in addition to the compliance that operators must follow in relation to regulations, we realize the interest in knowing more about the subject and developing Responsible Gaming programs not only for regulatory reasons, but also out of concern for the player.

On the other hand, we see that markets are maturing, becoming solid through laws and certifications, which makes more suppliers feel confident in investing, expanding their range of games and products, generating healthy competition, with solid foundations and allowing the player to know and compare the options he has and consequently increasing the level of demand, by the player, of the products offered. We advise a wide range of companies and government entities on responsible gaming, and we are passionate about these initiatives.

How do you think the pandemic will affect business results in 2022?
As an independent lab, we will leave guesswork on business results to analysts. What we can say is that jurisdictions that are prepared for both the face-to-face and online sectors are likely to be prepared to meet consumer demands better than those that target face-to-face only. The pandemic has confirmed a more effective view of the industry's need to be prepared for both operating models, and we've been happy to help regulators, operators and suppliers in the face-to-face and online industries with our integrated compliance strategy.


Which markets and/or countries do you see as the greatest chances for progress and opportunities for growth?
Latin America is the region that has grown the most in recent years, and its growth is constant. Regulators across the region have been true leaders in sensible regulation of gaming. For example, Colombia maintains its growth leadership through updates made by the regulator to current regulations, allowing new games and game modes, which make the market more dynamic, attractive and varied.

Brazil continues to cause anticipation, and now more than ever, with the power of state lotteries to operate/concede sports betting and the possibility of congressional approval in February of other game modalities.

In addition, there are countries that are working on their online gaming regulations, such as Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Chile, while emerging Latin American jurisdictions, such as the City of Buenos Aires, where some operators have already started to offer games over the internet, as well as as well as the Province of Buenos Aires. As an expectation of progress, we always have two attractive jurisdictions, Panama for online betting and Puerto Rico for the sports betting operation, which has recently been regulated, now at the end of 2021.

What do you envision for the Brazilian market in terms of gambling legislation and regulation?
I imagine that we are working to have first world legislation and regulation. All the movement we are seeing leads us to believe that we are going to start right. The concern to understand the entire regulatory and certification process that is necessary to build the Brazilian market on solid foundations is remarkable, to attract investors with potential and to make this market one of the largest in the world. We at GLI reaffirm our commitment to support both the government and regulators in the development of fair and relevant laws and regulations for the Brazilian market, as well as operators and suppliers in the certification processes that will guarantee the five fundamental pillars to guarantee fair and reliable for our market: the randomness, security, transparency, integrity and auditability of the operation.

What are your company's main goals for the year? Are you planning more releases than in 2021?
Our main objective is simple: to help our customers achieve their goals, wherever and whenever they want to go. For our customers' new games, systems and technology releases, we will be there and close by to provide unparalleled support, information, testing and our regulatory expertise to help them achieve their goals.

Still, it's very important to remember that, as an independent lab, we can say that wherever growth is coming from, whatever it may be, and as much as our customers want to make that growth happen, we're always ready to help them. We are perfectly ready to help suppliers, regulators and operators embrace and effect change in four fundamental ways:

With Regulatory Compliance, we help our customers grow their businesses by providing insight into new markets, products and opportunities, which will help suppliers drive change and regulators embrace change.

With our expertise in Technical Compliance, we will help our clients to minimize risk and identify potential regulatory issues. Our End-to-End Testing Services include a comprehensive suite of tests and IT services that span the entire process – starting with pre-compliance to achieving information quality assurance.

Lastly, our comprehensive Total Lifecycle Compliance services will help suppliers, regulators and operators proactively understand and maintain compliance obligations, from auditing to prevention of money laundering, responsible gambling and more. It is this integrated four-pronged approach that helps GLI customers make the most of growth opportunities.


To reach your goals this year, do you plan to make more investments and hires than last year?
GLI embarked on an aggressive hiring strategy in 2021, growing staff globally to stay ahead of demand, ensuring we have the expertise and capability at all levels and in all regions to rapidly respond to our clients' needs. As the industry continues to recover and grow, our customers can be assured that we will always be prepared to handle anything and everything they need from us.

In your view of the global market, do you consider that 2022 intends to be a year with more mergers or acquisitions of companies than the previous year?
2020 and 2021 have been remarkable years as we look at the amount and pace of mergers and acquisitions that have taken place across all sectors of the gaming industry. We'll leave it to analysts to predict whether 2022 will see more of the same; however, whatever happens, suppliers, regulators and operators will be able to turn to GLI to help them understand how these mergers and acquisitions could affect their business and how they can use it productively.

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