MAR 5 DE JULIO DE 2022 - 04:28hs.
Innovative proposal

With support of Control+F5, Segurobet reaches the Brazilian market

Control+F5 presents its new client, Segurobet. The company is a sports betting platform whose name already presents the brand's concept: to preserve the safety of its customers first. Control+F5 is responsible for managing the launch of the brand in the Brazilian market, which will take place soon. The work project ranges from launching, attracting and retaining customers to the dissemination of products and promotions, among other strategies.

Segurobet is founded by Brazilians who are passionate about sports and betting. This is a fundamental differential of the company, as its partners have a deep knowledge of the tastes and needs of the Brazilian public.

“We are very happy to win the Segurobet account, as we believe that we can help the brand grow consistently in the Brazilian market,” says Natalia Nogues, executive at Control+F5.

The work project with Segurobet ranges from the launch, capture and retention of customers to the dissemination of products and promotions, among other strategies.

The company stands out for having been founded by Brazilian sports and betting enthusiasts, who know and understand very well the tastes and needs of the Brazilian public, while the other operators are unaware of many particularities of the local gambler's profile.

“Because we really like sports and betting, we know this market in depth. Over time, we identified the weak points of other bookmakers and conceived our business thinking about improvements that we could offer to Brazilians. And a point of fundamental importance here in our country is security,” says the company's CEO.

“Brazilians are still suspicious when it comes to sports betting. Therefore, the concern to offer a transparent and reliable operation was decisive in the conception of our company,” completes the executive.

Segurobet obtained the ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certification in Information Security, which confirms the company's commitment to comply with all legal compliance. The website also operates under License No. 8048/JAZ issued to Antillephone, authorized and regulated by the Government of Curaçao.

The brand intends to attract customers who are already familiar with sports betting and also those who are not yet familiar with the betting universe. The year 2022 will be marked by numerous major sporting events, such as the Qatar World Cup, which will certainly encourage many new customers to want to experience the feeling of betting.

Bringing safety as an absolute priority for the brand will encourage the insertion of a new audience as a Segurobet customer. The site also has great usability, which makes the customer experience much easier and more pleasant.

Advantages of choosing Segurobet

The Segurobet website offers players different verticals and betting markets. The platform has advantages such as:

*24/7 betting
Segurobet offers betting 24 hours a day. The house accepts bets on the most diverse leagues, cups and tournaments around the world.

*Over 50 betting categories
Segurobet offers bets in more than 50 categories. This includes not only the most popular sports, but also electronic competitions.

*Over 300 traders in live games
Segurobet live games are individually traded by over 300 traders, who benefit from the use of complex automated tools for market management and setting odds.

* Live service 7/24
Segurobet's support service is done live, 24/7 and by Brazilian attendants, always available to answer any questions from customers.

Control+F5 develops solutions for national and international gaming companies, new or already operating, so that they can safely and successfully operate in the Brazilian market. The company offers a complete service hub that encompasses 360º marketing, customer service, KYC compliance, software development, market consulting, human resources, legal advice, administration and accounting.