MAR 5 DE JULIO DE 2022 - 03:02hs.
Country’s racetracks at risk

Horse breeders and owners launch “No bets, no turf” campaign in Brazil

The Brazilian Association of Racehorse Breeders and Owners (ABCPCC) launched a campaign with two special videos to reaffirm the need for gamblers to play in Brazilian racetracks or their authorized and accredited agents, and not in clandestine structures. “Bets represent the main source of revenue from horse racing. Without them, the turf does not survive,” the entity states.

Although there are new and possible sources of revenue, for Brazilian racetracks, mainly related to the leasing and disposal of real estate assets, there is no other revenue as important as betting. It is the basis of racing in all corners of the world. In Brazil, it is no different.

Bets represent the main source of income from horse racing and the hippodromes have exclusivity, guaranteed by law, for their exploitation. Without them, the turf sector does not survive. Without your commitment, to bet only on official stones, neither will it.

Prizes and racetrack structures depend on the stakes. In other words, the spectacle of racing exists a lot as a result of them and, also for this reason, the huge chain of jobs and opportunities created from the racehorse is linked to the capture of bets.

The game, however, needs to be official. Held in the systems and stones of the racetracks. Every penny wagered on clandestine structures (side game, unauthorized WhatsApp groups, points of sale, etc.) does not benefit the turf sector at all. On the contrary: they rob it of essential values for its maintenance and existence.

So, before placing a bet, always remember that turf needs it. Therefore, when your destination is not the racetracks or their authorized and accredited agents, the sport we love so much is dying, little by little.

The turf needs you!