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Sportsbook provider seeks for talents on local market

“OpenBet goal is to have the very best developers working to improve our position in Brazil”

OpenBet is one of the most important providers of sportsbook technology, content and services with world's top sports betting brands as clients to entertain millions of players worldwide. With the sports betting scene burgeoning, OpenBet in Brazil is on the look-out for top technical talent and seeking for a Senior Software Engineer and a Software Engineer. Marc Crean, VP LatAm & Canada, and Camila Dias Fereira, Talent Acquisition Specialist, shares in this interview their take on Brazil’s growing scene.

In 2020, it was the market leader in Canada where 80% of all digital sports bets were processed through its platform. In the same year in the UK, it accounted for 65%, and in Australia, 46%. The OpenBet platform is licensed in 13 US states, and last year 40% of all bets in the country were carried out on its platform. OpenBet develops front-end and back-office gaming products, including management and data analysis and reporting tools.

Its platform is designed to allow users to bet and play in multiple languages and currencies across a range of products and platforms, including web, mobile, retail outlets, call centres and interactive television, with a single sign-on to a centralised OpenBet account.

Brazil’s sports betting market was worth R$7 billion (Brazilian Reals) or $1.2 billion in 2020, almost four times its value of $354 million in 2018. The market’s growth is even more impressive considering COVID-19’s impact on the sporting schedule two years ago. With the sports betting scene burgeoning, OpenBet in Brazil is on the look-out for top technical talent.

Company spoke to two of OpenBet’s major players, Marc Crean, Vice-President LatAm & Canada, and Camila Dias Fereira, Talent Acquisition Specialist, for their take on Brazil’s growing scene:

OpenBet - What’s the current state of sports betting in Brazil?
 We have sports betting and horse betting in Brazil, but casinos are illegal. Since the introduction of new laws in 2018, gambling is growing a lot in the country and it’s more accessible than ever thanks to online services.



How is OpenBet capitalising on Brazil’s growing market?
MC -
As VP for LatAm I’m responsible for the immediate expansion of our footprint within the region. There’s a high volume of top technical talent in Brazil and we need to rapidly grow our development workforce. Our goal is to have the very best developers working together to improve our position and their own skills.

Does recruitment work differently in Brazil compared to North America?
I think so. In North America things generally move faster. In Canada for example, there are more companies creating an agile recruitment process and making the effort to build a better work environment for their employees. This isn’t so common in Brazil and is something we can help to address.

MC - Actually, we’ll be offering remote work 60 to 100% of the time to our new employees. We want innovative, self-starting, development talent to lead us to success in the region. As long as people can actively participate in team-based work, we welcome them to our community.

How is OpenBet encouraging top talent to join its team?
As a TA specialist I’m responsible for the end-to-end process; recruiting, relationships with hiring managers, helping to create new strategies. I try my best to create a good experience for the candidate.

We want the process to be as human and inclusive as possible. I like to think that the candidate is the centre of everything we do, so we need to take care of them as part of our business.

Why do you think candidates are applying for roles with OpenBet in Brazil?
MC -
OpenBet is the market-leading provider of sports betting technology in the world. We give recruits the opportunity to be part of a start-up culture while addressing one of the most technically challenging, rapidly growing sectors in the world.

CDF - I think they want to be part of a big company with good opportunities. We’re part of an interesting and innovative industry, especially from a Brazilian perspective, and that excites people.

Our colleagues enjoy the working environment at OpenBet. The flexibility, being able to connect with different cultures and the many opportunities for career progression. Personally, I think we have great people and great leaders. The company cares about us and wants its employees to feel empowered.

Source: GMB