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Keys, Trends, Predictions and Goals for 2022

Peter Nolte: “In 2022 Salsa turns 10 years old and we´ll reinforce teams to meet a great demand”

In an exclusive conversation with GMB about the new year, Peter Nolte, founder of Salsa, talks about his expectations regarding the evolution of the global gaming market. For him, technological advances should allow processes automation so that operators can dedicate themselves to the business strategy. About Salsa, he says that at the age of 10, the company is reinforcing the development teams to meet the great demand of the market and points to Brazil as the top 1 potential in the world, along with other countries: Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia , Uruguay and Mexico, as well as the US.

GMB - What technological advancement trends do you think we will see this year in your industry?
Peter Nolte
- I believe that technological advances will go the way of using artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies that help industry players to automate what can be automated and can actually dedicate themselves to the business strategy, and in the case of regulators, to the monitoring of the sector.

How far do you envision the player's customs and requirements to satisfy in 2022?
The player is the reason for our business. With technical and financial feasibility, the sky is the limit. Companies that don't give real importance to players may even go into business, but they definitely don't create themselves. And I go further. This user-experience-focused vision should not just be for the operator, but also for the technology providers. We at Salsa, for example, always strive for excellence in the usability of our platforms. Operators need to focus on offering the best to their customers and for that they cannot waste time trying to figure out how to use, for example, the backoffice of an iGaming platform. That's what our team is committed to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do you think the pandemic will affect business results in 2022?
It's still hard to say, mainly because we still don't know the real impacts of the new variants. The first signs point to a lower aggressiveness of the disease, but on the other hand a greater transmissibility. It is undeniable that this is shaking up that climate of recovery that we experience at events like SiGMA Malta and even at the Brazilian iGaming Summit. The postponement of ICE to April and, to be honest, the uncertainty about when in fact the event could take place and under what circumstances, is an issue. Events are part of the business strategy of several companies in the sector, and this in itself is already an aspect that affects the market. In addition, the pandemic taught us about the possibilities of remote work, and showed new ways to continue with our business. I think the shock of “it has to be online” has already happened mainly in 2020. Those who weren't digital or didn't adapt, have already fallen by the wayside.

Which markets and/or countries do you see as the greatest chances for progress and opportunities for growth?
I believe that Brazil's potential is the top 1, but as we know it really depends on the progress not only on the regulation of sports betting, but also on the legalization of other types of games such as bingo, casinos, etc. In addition to Brazil, several other Latin American countries have incredible potential, such as Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, among others. And of course, the United States. Unlike some countries in Europe, where business opportunities seem to be almost saturated, in the region we have a lot of “blank sheets” in various verticals. And I say “they seem saturated” because in some markets like Spain, Italy and Portugal, the opportunities are not as obvious as in emerging markets, but they do exist.

Do you think that gaming advertising restrictions will be deepened globally?
Laws do not always reflect what society believes, but restrictions often reflect a fear of rulers and legislators. Our industry still has a lot to improve in terms of clearly communicating public opinion about the mechanisms of control and protection for players - which are in fact only possible in regulated markets. Sometimes restrictions are a response to a lack of controllability. So it is important for the industry to share not only with operators, but also with regulators and legislators the numerous technologies that exist to prevent and address problems such as gambling, money laundering, earnings manipulation, etc. For every ghost, there's a way to exorcise it, and we need to make sure it gets to society as a whole. The mainstream press even plays a key role in this mission.

What do you envision for the Brazilian market in terms of gambling legislation and regulation?
What I hope is a wide and well-done regulation, which takes the country out of this hypocritical scenario where gambling is real, despite not being legal.

What are your company's main goals for the year? Are you planning more releases than in 2021?
Yes definitely! In 2022 Salsa turns 10 years old and this is a milestone for our company. We are strengthening our development teams to meet the high demand we have for our Salsa Gator (content aggregator) and Salsa Omini (PAM) platforms and this is a “problem” that I, along with the Salsa team, are loving solve. In addition, we have ambitious plans for Salsa Studio to increase the offer of slot games and our consulting hub, Salsa Solutions, is already negotiating with several companies that turn to us to understand the opportunities and peculiarities of the different markets in Latin America.

To reach your goals this year, do you plan to make more investments and hires than last year?
As we said before, we are already reinforcing our team of developers, but we are prepared to absorb the increase in demand that we are causing ourselves with our marketing and sales actions. In any case, as a solid company we are, at any time we are ready to make new investments and seek new talent.

What kind of sponsorships or marketing actions to promote your company's products and services do you think will be the most relevant this year within your roadmap?
Our current customers are our top priority, because as important as winning new business is maintaining the engagement and satisfaction of those partners who already believe in our work. Thus, our communication and networking actions with our existing partners are a priority and are carried out by our internal team. Another priority of ours is internal communication. Especially with the adoption of remote work and with people working in different countries, it is imperative to keep employees motivated and happy to be part of the company. Attention to these first two focuses reflect the company's reputation and are fundamental to attracting new partners. What we said before about the operator/player relationship also applies to B2B. The company can even enter the market and do business, but if it doesn't do it right with attention to customers, it doesn't create itself. Where to share information about us and our reputation? In specialized media such as GMB, at events such as ICE London, BiS among others.

In your view of the global market, do you consider that 2022 intends to be a year with more mergers or acquisitions of companies than the previous year?
I don't believe more or less. This is a natural move in all industries and the gaming sector would be no different. There are a lot of good people, with the potential to grow, but there are also a lot of people “betting”, without knowledge. Some bet and win, but it remains to be seen how long. This does not mean that ours is not a diverse and democratic sector. You don't have to be a giant company. Many small businesses thrive, but you need to know what you're doing and where you're going.

Could you name three events within your industry that will be pivotal in 2022? Why did you choose them?
For a B2B company the size of Salsa it is important to be at ICE London and SiGMA Malta, given their focus on online. We are evaluating other events in Europe and Latin America, but the Brazilian iGaming Summit should be part of our annual calendar.

Source: Exclusive GMB