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GMB in Las Vegas

“GLI's presence in Brazil serves to train on the importance of regulation and certification”

One of the most important laboratories for the gaming sector in the world, GLI attended G2E Las Vegas last week to present its capabilities as a laboratory and global consulting company for the industry. In an exclusive conversation with GMB, Georges Didier Flores, director LatAm, and Valter Delfraro Jr., business development executive Brazil, highlighted the company's expertise and the attention it has been giving to the Brazilian market.

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)'s participation in recente Global Gaming Expo brought together two global names in the gaming industry. The first, as one of the most important gaming labs and consulting companies. The second, a fair that is an international reference in the sector.

In an exclusive conversation with Games Magazine Brasil, Georges Didier Flores, director of LatAm business development, and Valter Delfraro Jr, the company's Brazil business development executive, highlighted GLI's top qualifications in both certification laboratory and consulting activities of services to meet regulators, operators and manufacturers needs.

GMB – Georges, how does GLI see this year G2E, one of the largest in the world, for one of the largest laboratories in the sector?
Georges Didier
– The fair, as every year, is a reference for the world and our participation is very important for us to present our global services that we offer as a laboratory and also as the consulting company that we are in supporting regulators, operators, manufacturers and all players in the gaming industry. This year we had a bigger turnout than last year. There is a lot of activity and we see that there was a lot of presence of companies from Latin America.

And what's new in terms of services from GLI for the global gaming market?
We have different types of services, the best known being those aimed at certifying game systems, components and devices. And not just for casinos and iGaming, but also for lotteries. We also have security services, auditing, tests and certifications for lotteries and ISO. We cannot forget about GLI University, which offers training for companies that are looking to introduce new products and so that they have the necessary knowledge to apply everything correctly.

In other words, a complete service for the sector...
Exactly. It is a global and total service, focused on any company that is related to the gaming sector we have services to offer.

And always giving complete information about regulation, is that right?
Yes. GLI is a global company with presence on five continents and has a lot of experience and knowledge of different markets that can be leveraged by our customers. All this know-how we transfer to our customers. At a global level, not only in certification, but also in training and consulting and auditing services.

Does the market continue to grow in Latin America?
Sure. As for sports betting, for example, Peru already has its law approved and is in the process of being regulated by Mincetur to establish the guidelines for the operation. On the other hand, we have Argentina, which is now organizing the sector in Cordoba and other provinces, as well as Chile, which is working with the bill presented in March. Colombia, which has been expanding its catalog of games and requirements for online gaming operators and Brazil, which is the market everyone is waiting for.

Did you participate a lot in the discussions of regulation in Brazil?
Clear. We offer all the knowledge we have in this process to regulators, as well as operators interested in entering this market. That's why we have Valter [Delfraro Jr.], our local representative who helps us to be in contact with all the authorities, as well as to teach and train people about what regulation and services and certification of products and systems mean, from way to maintain a standard of quality, failsafe, safety and operation.

Valter, is it a difficult job to make Brazil understand all the needs that this industry requires and at the same time provide peace of mind, since GLI is a leading technically positioned company for this segment?
Valter Delfraro Jr
. – Have no doubt. I always say that it is very comfortable to work at GLI because we have a lot of confidence in relation to the experience of 33 years and a lot of knowledge in all the jurisdictions around the world where the gaming sector is regulated and where we are present. So, it is difficult, but at the same time it is easy to transmit this knowledge.

And is this happening effectively now that the regulation of sports betting is just waiting for the signing of a presidential decree, or has everything calmed down?
I think that knowledge and interest in the Brazilian market is beginning to be awakened. Before, I had to run after people, but today we are the ones who are wanted. So, our work and our purpose of making GLI better known in Brazil is starting to have an effect.

That's good for the company, isn't it, Didier?
Clear. Brazil is a very important market and when the rules are clear, it will allow our customers to enter more easily. When a customer certifies a sports betting platform under our standards, with the regulations in place, they will not have to start from scratch, but only certify the additional ones that the law requires in Brazil. That is, it will be much faster and more economical. Everything is optimized, both in terms of price and time. We are here to help our customers in this regard.

Source: Exclusive GMB