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New partner in Pará state

EstrelaBet reinforces support to women's football sponsoring Remo club

EstrelaBet continues to increase its list of partners and has just added to its portfolio the women's team of Remo, one of the most traditional football clubs in the Brazilian state of Pará. The company already printed the men's jersey and now joins the 'Leoas'. “We want to develop, respect and support women's sport in Brazil,” says Rafael Zanette, head of sponsorship at EstrelaBet.

Clube do Remo has just signed an important sponsorship contract for its women's football team. EstrelaBet, which already sponsored the men's, will also display its brand in the shirt of the "Leoas do Pará". The bookmaker will support the girls during the 2022 State Championship season, and the partnership could be renewed for the following season.

Remo currently disputes the state’s championship and occupies the first place in its group, with five victories in five games, ahead of Paysandu.

Brazil is a very big country and EstrelaBet will be wherever the Brazilian sport is. We go beyond sponsorship: we want to develop, respect and support women's sport in the country. Therefore, we seek to go beyond the 'South-Southeast Axis' and we are very happy to announce the support also for the women's football team of Remo," said the head of sponsorship of EstrelaBet, Rafael Zanette.

With each passing day, EstrelaBet consolidates itself more as a supporter of women's football in Brazil. After announcing sponsorships for the Gaucho Women's Championship and the Internacional, the company now makes its brand official on the Remo jersey.

Zanette says that the action of EstrelaBet will allow “to raise the name of the ‘Leoas do Pará’. Sponsoring, supporting and encouraging other companies to also arrive to add to the great potential that women's football has.”

EstrelaBet has a strong presence in the Brazilian sports scene, having sponsorship agreements with several sports entities and projects, such as: Internacional, CRB, Resende, Remo (now in men's and women's), Coimbra Sports (MG), América (RJ), Villa Nova (MG), Magnus Futsal and Orla F.C.

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Source: GMB