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Natalia Nogues, Control+F5 Gaming Co-Founder & CEO

The importance of bonuses for betting sites

In an article exclusive to GMB, Natalia Nogues, co-founder and CO of Control+F5 Gaming, highlights the importance of offering bonuses to customers and points out the most common, such as welcome and first deposit, as well as cash back. Anyway, she states that impeccable planning is important and that all promotions are honored.

Understand why investing in customer benefits is critical to your operation

Bonuses and promotions are old acquaintances of betting sites. If you are an entrepreneur who is now coming to this segment, you already understand that you should offer bonuses to your customers, right? But why?

At first glance, attracting new players is the most significant reason why betting sites offer bonuses. We all love gifts and opportunities to play for free. Thus, it is natural that when arriving at a new betting site, having access to the famous welcome bonus is paramount. But is that enough?

What are the most common modalities of bonuses and benefits?

Customer bonuses have different variations and marketing objectives. Let's talk about the most popular on the market:

No deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus is perhaps the most attractive of all types of offers and promotions. Customers like it a lot because no financial consideration is required.

This is one of the few bonuses that allow players to win without having any kind of risk. However, this type of offer usually has stricter wager requirements.

Anyway, the strategy is excellent to win over many new players, making it quite valuable for new brands in the market, for example.

Deposit bonus

This is the most common model practiced by operators. In this offer, bookmakers offer a certain percentage of their customers' deposit. Most brands bring 100% deposit bonuses, but some reach up to 200%.

This type of promotion is not restricted to the first deposit, since several houses offer bonuses on the second deposit and a smaller portion of them provides the advantage up to the first fourth or fifth deposits.

In this type of offer, we are already moving to a more advanced stage of the marketing plan. It's not enough just to attract the new player, but to keep it active on the site for the next few months. In this way it is possible to present everything that your site offers and differentiate it from the competition.


Cashback has not only been used in the gaming sector, but in various business models.

For our industry, this strategy is very useful in relation to customer retention. When bookmakers offer cashback bonuses, the customer will be able to get their money back if they lose some bets.

Usually, cashback is a type of bonus that is only triggered when the customer does not win. So it is extremely useful when we think it is necessary to retain the player in the house when he loses his resources. That way, he has incentives to keep his guessing consistent.

Free bet

This kind of promotion is also the darling of customers. As the name implies, it means that a certain number of bets are covered by the house. Free bets are usually limited to a certain amount.

They should also have their own requirements; such as being restricted only to certain sports. It can be a very interesting alternative if you want to boost deposits in sports less popular among players, for example.

Loyalty program

A loyalty program is a type of promotion offered to value players in the long run. It is a model that allows several different characteristics and can be built to create a niche of loyal and long-distance customers on your platform.

Some adopt level systems where, as the bettor plays more, he climbs the leaderboards, enjoying exclusive benefits. Some sites offer personalized service by creating a group of VIP customers. The most experienced players like this model because they feel privileged to make their investments in a particular site.

Bonuses keep your site ahead of the competition

Competition in the gaming industry for ten years is nothing compared to today. The gaming industry has expanded globally quickly and consistently, making the market more difficult for brands, especially new ones to deal with competition.

Now, we need to offer the best in absolutely every respect if you aim to become one of the leading players in the market.

For all this, bonuses are extremely important strategies that should be considered with great attention for their operation.

Rigorous planning is essential to offer bonuses

Finally, let’s talk about a very important point. Before offering bonuses and promotions, having impeccable planning is critical.

If any promotion offered is not honored, it can have a devastating effect on your operation. That's why it's so important to have marketing advice prepared to organize any kind of promotional actions.

A dissatisfied customer has the power of social networks in his hands. And that can be very unfair with your operation, which can have your reputation affected simply by a poorly designed promotional action.

If you have had problems regarding this, please contact me. We can talk and together find ways to the success of the promotions of your betting site.

Natalia Nogues
Co-founder and CEO of Control+F5 Gaming