JUE 30 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2023 - 05:23hs.
Icon in the octagon

Two-time UFC champion Fabrício Werdum is EstrelaBet's new brand ambassador

Fabrício Werdum, a two-time UFC champion, becomes the new ambassador of EstrelaBet. Nicknamed 'Vai Cavalo', he is now host of the podcast 'Nem me Viu', in which he interviews personalities from the world of fights. Werdum has more than 1 million followers on his social networks and has become a successful entrepreneur in the meat business with the Werdum Premium Meats franchise.

"I wasn't always the bookmakers' favorite in my fights, but now I'm the one (laughs) favourite! I was very happy with this partnership with EstrelaBet, which is one of the most serious companies on the market today. I'm sure we'll go very far together, and I'm ready to fight for that image, but now with less contact," Werdum said.

"Werdum has always been a star, in and out of fights, so nothing better than allying our Estrela (Star) with his. We are sure that it will be a great partnership with an icon of world sport," added the chief operating officer of EstrelaBet, Fellipe Fraga.

EstrelaBet has a strong presence in the Brazilian sports scene, having sponsorship agreement with several sports entities and projects, such as: Internacional, CRB, Resende, Remo (male and female), Coimbra Sports (MG), América (RJ), Villa Nova (MG), Magnus Futsal, Orla F.C., Botafogo/SP and now with Fabrício Werdum.

The brand that operates in the online entertainment sector provides traditional bets, with fixed quotes and numerous possibilities of guesses for its users, providing, through the bets on the platform, the entire customer experience during a football match. It also has numerous sports and championships from all corners of the planet.