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Zdenek Llosa, senior partnership manager

“Endorphina follows course of regulation and Brazil is one of our defined destinations for 2023”

In an exclusive interview with GMB One-On-One, Zdenek Llosa, Endorphina's senior partnership manager, talks about the company's strong presence in LatAm and its plans for Brazil. The firm has important partnerships in the region and makes more than 100 titles of the most renowned games available to local operators. About Brazil, he says that “it is gigantic and one of the destinations defined by Endorphina for 2023. We believe that the green light will arrive for sports betting and, in the future, for other verticals.”

Endorphina, one of the main providers of B2B online games with a well-established presence throughout Europe, operates in more than 20 regulated markets. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, the company seeks to stay ahead of the market with a professional approach to boosting the business of its global partners.

Taking a step further in its expansion, last year the company signed important partnerships in the LatAm region, with companies such as Betsson, Latamwin and Coolbet, among others.

In an exclusive conversation with GMB One-on-One, Zdenek Llosa, Endorphina's senior partnership manager, highlights that such partnerships have been a great success and for 2023 it intends to be even closer to the region.

GMB - Endorphina is one of the most important gaming companies globally. How does the firm currently position itself in the international gaming market?
Zdenek Llosa -
Endorphina has been on the market for ten years. We are an ambitious, versatile and very flexible company. We currently have more than 20 regulated markets around the world, with a portfolio of more than 100 games available, depending on the market of each operator.

This position is very important. You are already very well positioned in the European market and now you are even closer to LatAm. What attracted the company to this region?
Especially for the development of the South American market. We closely follow each country's regulations and are very pleased with the people in Colombia who were involved in the regulation process, creating a favorable legal framework for both customers and game providers. So, for us as a company, following this giant that is Latin America and having a respectable presence in the region is very important.

A year ago, Endorphina signed a contract with Betsson to expand its market share in the region and, a few months ago, another with Latamwin. How is this reflected in business for the company?
Signing with Betsson was a very important moment for Endorphina. We can say that it was a milestone for the company, as the firm is recognized as Tier 1, as well as Latamwin, which is well known for the quality of its products. After reaching a stable position in Europe, having these types of alliances in the market allows us to expand our games to different players in the region. Such partnerships are very important and we are very happy to work with them to expand in the region.

And is business progressing well with them?
Of course, yes. They are our favorite partners in the region and there are other strategic partners that we are in talks with to develop a good relationship in the short term.


What are other strategies to be adopted to reach this rapidly growing market?
Bearing in mind that we live in an era of digitalization and companies are remote, there is not such a face-to-face deal in each country. So we take advantage of fairs and congresses, such as BiS, in Brazil, Peru and other different events, to get closer to operators in each region in order to present our products. So, we are focusing on product localization, not only through the Spanish language, but understanding everything locally and being present together with our partners in each exhibition that is presented in the region.

You commented on BiS, which is a very successful fair and congress in Brazil. That is, you have big plans in the country!
Of course, yes. Brazil is a gigantic country and almost a subcontinent of Latin America. I haven't had the opportunity to travel to Brazil yet, but it is one of our destinations already defined for next year and we will be present at BiS 2023.

How do you think about acting in Brazil with the regulation of sports betting and, who knows in the future, the approval of other gaming verticals?
We closely follow the issue of regulation despite the delay, including due to the elections. We believe that the green light will arrive for sports betting and in the future other verticals such as slots. At the moment, we know that the market is not regulated, but it is not illegal for local or international companies to invest in the market. We follow what Betsson, Betano, Coolbet and other brands with whom we have partnerships have been doing.

The iGaming industry is constantly evolving. What projects is Endorphina most involved in? Is cryptocurrency already a reality for you?
Speaking of cryptocurrencies, we can say that Endorphina is very proud to have been, when the cryptocurrency trend appeared, the one that launched the first cryptocurrency game, Satoshi’s Secret. Staying relevant with technology and different payment modalities, as a provider, is essential to promote gambling in a healthy and regulated way.

And what other innovations and technological evolution is Endorphina working on?
As for the technological evolution, we are working on some tools that will be ready for the beginning of next year, including tournaments. We have recently introduced the jackpot locally in our games, which is increasing spins with the partners we have.

What do you think of the metaverse and what are Endorphina's steps in this direction?
Metaverse! We understand as a future chapter. I was recently in Miami and conversations arose about how one might envision a casino within the metaverse. We spoke with laboratories, operators and companies that have some involvement in this type of project. But the technological framework is not yet fully implemented. It is an attractive project, but for the future. But at the moment we are focusing on online for casino operators.

What are Endorphina's plans for 2023?
Improve the number of games and enter more regulated markets and, as always, maintain a good relationship with our partners and grow with them operating in the region.

With plans for new partners in LatAm?
Yes. I can't say the exact number, but we are being very well received in the region and a game portfolio, as I mentioned, of more than 100 titles. And we've seen a trend of 15 to 20 games that are doing very well in that market.

What is the goal of launching new games next year?
Endorphina is famous for creating 2-3 games a month and next year we will do the same. All players in each region can look forward to news.

Very well. We are waiting for Endorphina news and we will see you at BiS, here in Brazil, and at other events around the world.

Thank you for taking the time and for the opportunity to speak a little about Endorphina and, of course, looking forward to seeing you soon in Brazil.

Source: Exclusive GMB