DOM 22 DE MAYO DE 2022 - 19:53hs.
Until May 14th

City Center Iguazú Casino holds its first poker tournament since opening

City Center Iguazú Entretenimentos opened its doors on January 7th this year. The operator network, which is a joint venture between Nortia (Spain) and Casino Club (Argentina), has been on the market for over 30 years. With the participation of national and international players and a guaranteed pool of R$100K (US$20k), the complex will hold the Golden Póker Iguazú until tomorrow (14th), the first tournament in the new house. Tickets can be purchased in Argentine pesos or reais (Brazil’s currency).

Gaming opportunities at City Center Iguazú Entretenimentos include more than 260 new slots cabinets and 20 gaming tables in four exclusive spaces, as well as a modern bar with live shows and a large welcome room.

Thanks to its international location, the casino accepts bets in reais, pesos and dollars. The new location is characterized by offering world-class gaming rooms, attracting players from across the region and Brazil.

Discerning visitors can enjoy a VIP lounge, as well as international poker tournaments, slots and popular games such as roulette and baccarat.

Casino activities started in full swing. Between May 12th and 14th, City Center Iguazú Entretenimentos will hold the first tournament in the new house.

The quota per day of the Golden Poker Tour will be 30 players, and the ticket can be purchased in pesos or reais, according to the quota price on the day.

Source: clickfozdoiguacu