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Towards the Brazilian iGaming Summit

Pay4Fun's Leo Baptista will address responsible gaming and payment methods in Brazil

Pay4Fun is one of the fastest growing payment methods platforms in Brazil and during the Brazilian iGaming Summit it will be present as an exhibitor, sponsor and panel participants. In addition to showing its platform to the market, Leo Baptista, CEO of the company, will discuss in panels issues involving responsible gaming, money laundering prevention and new ways of dealing with bank transfers in the gaming and betting sector.

Pay4Fun’s CEO Leonardo Baptista is one of the leading experts in payment methods and finance in the gaming and betting area in Brazil. All its expertise in the segment will be very well explored in two panels. In one of them, he will talk about the operation of post-regulation multi-vertical sites. In the other, he will address issues such as responsible gaming, anti-money laundering and taxation.

GMB – You have a busy schedule during BiS. What will be the main topics you intend to address during the event and what is your vision of the current moment of the gaming and betting industry in Brazil?
Leonardo Baptista
– I will participate in the two-panel BiS. The first of them on the 28th, in which we will talk about “The post-regulation operation of multi-vertical sites: Online x Offline x Offshore”. The other will be a lecture, on the 29th, on “The importance of responsible gaming in the post-regulation period”. In both, the idea is to show the public and discuss what the market is like after the regulation is out. Critical points such as responsible gambling, limits, prevention of money laundering, taxes and many things that today are "not taken as seriously as they should", should be EXTREMELY clear with the regulation. And what impact does this have for offshore operators? And for the payment methods?

How do you analyze Brazil's growth in the sports betting segment, still in the process of regulation, and how do you believe that the activity will be explored in time to take advantage of the Qatar World Cup?
The Brazilian sports betting market is experiencing a moment of great expansion. This move is, in addition to being expected, something that lives up to the profile of Brazilians: a lover of sports and games, who are now also discovering that betting is fun and natural entertainment.

As for the regulation, I believe that unfortunately it will not be finalized until the Qatar World Cup, due to political obstacles. We live in an election year and the process will possibly be stagnant, as current parliamentarians are focused on reelection, campaigns, etc. The Cup coincides precisely with the same moment of the election, so I believe that the total regulation will be for 2023.

On the other hand, clearly exposing the segment's operations will be essential to bring confidence to the market and the population in general. Working correctly will be a non-negotiable condition for anyone who wants to work in the Brazilian market.

I say this because at Pay4Fun, from the beginning, we were concerned with all the gaps that a payment method for this sector would have to have: PLD, compliance, traceability, etc. Transparency will be one of the success factors for our market.

At what point do you see the local gaming market in general and its evolution from a political and regulatory point of view?
The local gaming market, in general, is in the process of multiplication of new players, at high speed. New betting sites appear every day and, with the arrival of regulation, many other companies are preparing to act in the markets of in-person gaming, resort casinos, bingo, and everything legal.

It is a time of excitement and excellent prospects. However, it is important to know that for these new companies to consolidate in the market, it is necessary to have an extremely consistent action plan that considers the particularities of the Brazilian market and also the new implications that will be generated with the regulation. For this, relying on the help of companies that are already specialized in the Brazilian gaming market will be essential.

Were the results of Pay4Fun's work this year as expected? Do you have plans to grow in Brazil and contribute even more to the local market?
Fortunately, the results obtained by Pay4Fun are even above expectations. Even in 2020 and 2021, when the pandemic shook global markets, we performed very well.

Our product involves technology and facilities related to financial transactions. So, in a scenario that was marked by social isolation, what people needed most was practicality and security to move their financial resources from wherever they were.

Although we are once again living in a more normal world, this type of demand for technology, facilities and low payment fees and charges will continue to be highly attractive to the Brazilian public.

And yes, Pay4Fun has many expansion plans not only in Brazil but also in Latin and North America. Expect lots of news!

With the regulation of sports betting, do you believe that the other gaming verticals could gain momentum for their legalization in Brazil?
No doubt! I believe that legalization is a process that makes sense if it is amplified and that several verticals should move in this direction. The more options for the development of the gaming industry, the better. In this way, there will be entertainment options for all audience profiles. Naturally, if the sports betting regulation process goes ahead, it will be followed by the legalization of the other verticals.

About the Brazilian iGaming Summit and Afiliados LATAM

Sao Paulo, the largest business hub in Latin America, will host the second edition of the Brazilian iGaming Summit on the 28th and 29th of June. It will be the time to meet again with industry partners and network in what promises to be the most exclusive event in the iGaming market, covering sports betting, casino games and lotteries.

In this second edition of BiS there is a novelty. The third day will be dedicated to Afiliados LATAM, the first event dedicated to the exchange of experiences in affiliation marketing and digital media in general, in addition to hundreds of affiliates to form an environment of perfect interaction with various market players.

The Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS) will take place at Espaço Boulevard JK, in Sao Paulo, on June 28 and 29, and LATAM Affiliates, on the 30th. The event has a strategic partnership with Games Magazine Brasil, and will be attended of investors and entrepreneurs in the sports betting, communication, affiliates, lotteries and regulatory bodies.

For more information, visit the event’s official website.

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