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Towards the Brazilian iGaming Summit

Alexandre Tauszig: “Skilrock has a leading platform and BiS is ideal to introduce it to the market”

Skilrock will again attend the Brazilian iGaming Summit to strengthen its presence in the Brazilian market, get closer to its customer base and promote Infiniti, a leading platform especially suitable for those who require greater flexibility in delivery. “With it, we are ready to offer a state-of-the-art solution for Brazil and the moment could not be more appropriate, when the betting regulation process is finalized and the state lotteries are structured,” says Alexandre Tauszig, LATAM regional manager at Skilrock.

Skilrock, an international company part of the Sugal & Damani Group conglomerate, Indian leader in the segment, is a provider of lottery and gaming systems, omni-gaming, omni-channel, which has been seeking to consolidate its presence in Latin America. They recently started a successful instant lottery operation in Colombia and last year they registered for the Lottery of the State of Maranhão.



GMB - What are your expectations at the moment regarding BiS 2022 and about your participation in the event?
Alexandre Tauszig
- Skilrock Technologies exhibited at BIS 2021 and saw a strong and positive response to its lottery and iGaming products and solutions. After almost two years with only virtual meetings, due to the pandemic, BIS 2021 marked the personal reunion of lotteries, sports betting and the iGaming industry in Brazil. BIS is becoming the meeting point in Brazil, a country that is considered as "the hot ball" on the continent, not only because of its size and economy, but above all because of the imminent regulation of sports betting, the legalization of gambling and the resurgence of state lotteries.

Skilrock as a leading provider of lottery and iGaming technology seeks to consolidate its presence in Latin America. We recently started a successful instant lottery operation in Colombia. At the end of last year, through the BR Lotto consortium, we were accredited for the Maranhão State Lottery. Therefore, being present at the BIS is part of our expansion strategy and the certainty that we are on the right path.

What are your company's most important products and services to serve the Brazilian gaming and betting market?
The Brazilian market lacks innovative products, as Caixa's lottery is basically centered on Lotto-style draw games. Our portfolio is quite broad and we believe that some of our products adapt well to the Brazilian taste, such as: high frequency games such as keno & bingo, complete scratch card solutions, instant lotteries, sports lottery, among others.

How do you analyze Brazil's growth in the gaming segment and what are your expectations regarding the regulation of sports betting in the country?
I look forward to an incredible year in 2022, with many opportunities, not only in Brazil, but throughout the Latin American region. The pandemic had put a brake on the growth of many industries, including the entertainment sector, which has suffered a lot. Online gambling proved to be a positive point and managed to bring survival to many companies and lotteries that had their main income linked to face-to-face gambling. However, many projects took place in a disorganized and unplanned manner. In the "new normal", we expect many projects to consolidate and improve what was rushed in the last couple of years. We are certainly prepared to support customers who wish to benefit from our experience in digitizing and modernizing lotteries around the world.

Sports betting is becoming popular globally and here in Brazil it is no different. But it is important to note that the market for games, lotteries and betting goes far beyond that.

The regulation of sports betting in Brazil is the first step that must be taken in the country in order to regulate all other types of gambling. And with that, we hope to elevate Brazil to the level of other mature markets in the world.

At what point do you see the local gaming market in general and its evolution from a political and regulatory point of view?
The economy in general and people can benefit greatly from regularization and legalization if we compare historically with other places that have witnessed such positive changes. The benefits are for everyone: operators, players, government and the general population all stand to gain. Operators can work professionally without worrying about the legality of their business, players have more security and feel supported to play and the government collects more revenue. And the general population wins because the revenue obtained from gaming can be used even more for social responsibility and charity projects. I see that we are now at an accelerated pace towards the right path, which is the path of regulation.

With the regulation of sports betting, do you have plans to grow in Brazil and contribute more to the local market?
Skilrock's expansion plans for Latin America have been strong and we already have a local presence here in Brazil. Seeing that the regulation of sports betting is consolidating here in the country is just one more proof that our strategy is in line with what is happening in the market.

Our Infiniti platform is designed to serve all types of markets, especially those that require greater flexibility in delivery, such as in Latin America. Being a true omni-channel platform, Infiniti allows not only the management of sports betting, but also lotteries, slots, bingos, live casinos, iGaming under the same platform. Therefore, not only we are prepared to serve the market, but we certainly bring to Brazil a product of excellence that is tailored to the needs of the region. And best of all, being a 100% modular platform, Infiniti allows local customers to only operate with the modules in which they have the proper license to do so.

Brazilian iGaming Awards

For the second year, the Brazilian iGaming Awards will recognize the most outstanding in the sports betting and iGaming sector in the Brazilian market in 14 categories, on the first day of BiS 2022, in Sao Paulo.

The Brazilian iGaming Awards recognize, via industry vote, the companies and professionals that stood out this year. The award event will take place at the Charles Edward Pub, at Rua Miriti s/n, in Sao Paulo, during a cocktail party that will bring together participants registered for the Brazilian iGaming Summit, on the night of June 28th.

The objective is to reward companies and professionals that have made and continue to make a difference to the national market and provide a memorable night for the public. The event is exclusive to BiS participants.

Voting can be done on the award's official website: https://brazilianigamingawards.com.

About the Brazilian iGaming Summit and Afiliados LATAM

Sao Paulo, the largest business hub in Latin America, will host the second edition of the Brazilian iGaming Summit on the 28th and 29th of June. It will be the time to meet again with industry partners and network in what promises to be the most exclusive event in the iGaming market, covering sports betting, casino games and lotteries.

In this second edition of BiS there is a novelty. The third day will be dedicated to Afiliados LATAM, the first event dedicated to the exchange of experiences in affiliation marketing and digital media in general, in addition to hundreds of affiliates to form an environment of perfect interaction with various market players.

The Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS) will take place at Espaço Boulevard JK, in Sao Paulo, on June 28 and 29, and LATAM Affiliates, on the 30th. The event has a strategic partnership with Games Magazine Brasil, and will be attended of investors and entrepreneurs in the sports betting, communication, affiliates, lotteries and regulatory bodies.

For more information, visit the event’s official website.

For registrations, click here.

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