MAR 30 DE MAYO DE 2023 - 03:42hs.
Brazilian iGaming Summit - BiS 2022

Brazilian gambler creates trends that are examples for the international market

The Brazilian iGaming Summit brought an important debate on the preferences of Brazilian bettors and how operators must adapt to them to succeed in the country. In the panel “Game Providers and Operators: solutions, expectations and good practices”, moderated by Pedro Lucas (Super Afiliados), Jesus Rafael Campos (Betconnnections), Isaac Mizrahi, (Soft2Bet) and Ramiro Atucha (Vibra Gaming) told their experiences with the operation in the country.

Moderator Pedro Lucas, Head of Affiliation at Super Afiliados, initiated the debate, stating that one of the main differentials in the Brazilian market is the location of the player: “We always have to talk about the regionalization of products. The websites come to us wanting to know what to do to enter the Brazilian market. Many do a translation, but that alone does not meet consumer expectations. It is also important to understand the trends of where the market is flowing.”

Collaborating with the moderator's idea, Jesus Rafael Campos, CEO of Betconnnections, stated that his experience has already led him to identify some peculiar characteristics of the national gambler: “We believe that what happens in Brazil should serve as an international reference. On our side, we are working to get to know the market in depth. We have an enormous capacity to support regulators, operators and the entire industry."

"Brazil is a big country, an immense territory segmented into regions that each has a preference and as for communication, the correct direction is to serve them in a fair and individual way," explained the executive.

Isaac Mizrahi, Country Manager Brazil at Soft2Bet, pointed out that the dip in gambler preferences made the company adopt a completely new stance. “The first difficulty I found when entering the company was that the sites were only translated. A simple translation does not mean that you are adapted to the market. For us and our partners it is important that we also do a localization. With this idea, we made a whole change in the websites, adapting to the Brazilian market, which, as it is very new, we have to be aware of the trends that the users themselves are creating,” he said.

Commenting on part of the experience lived in other countries where regionalization is also strong, Ramiro Atucha, CEO of Vibra Gaming, recalled that Brazilians are also guided by temporal nostalgia that can help operators. “The games that Brazilians played here in 2005, when they are found in an online casino, makes players feel at home. It doesn't mean that they always played, but this effort made by the operator makes the player have a smaller distance.”

At the end of the panel, the issue of regulation of activities was also raised. The most incisive on this issue was Atucha, who said it was necessary to abandon paternalism and understand that people who want to bet will somehow manage to do so.

“All those are against the regulation of gaming they support the non-regulated gaming. People will find ways to gamble. With the regulated activity we can protect the bettor, collect tax, help players with problems. Our paternalistic society has to start treating people as adults, helping, educating, without taking away the choice; because whoever wants to play, will play,” he concluded.

Source: Exclusive GMB