VIE 12 DE AGOSTO DE 2022 - 12:44hs.

Vbet presents its strategies and projects for the Brazilian betting market

Opening the round of sessions during the afternoon at BIS 2022, Laura Porto, Marketing Manager at Vbet, gave a quick presentation talking about the paths adopted by the company for its operation in the betting market in Brazil. In addition, she also explained what the next investments will be made and the expectations for the company's future in the country.

The first highlight exposed by Laura Porto, Marketing Manager at Vbet, was the work with franchises, especially those aimed at casinos. “We have franchises for offline. Today in Brazil it is not possible to have casinos because of regulations. But the company is able to set up a casino with dealers and everything it needs to operate with the Vbet brand.”

The other issue pointed out by Vbet’s representative was being always up to date with market changes, especially those related to technologies. “New trends in technology are changing very fast, competitors are also growing a lot, so Vbet always tries to be adapted to the current needs of gaming and the sector everywhere,” said Porto.

Vbet is an official partner of famous French football club Monaco, so Laura highlighted the importance of these partnerships and which new areas they want to invest in. “It is a brand strategy to generate strong ties with different partners. So, in addition to football, we have investments in eSports and some other areas.”

Finally, Vbet's Marketing Manager highlighted the company's desire to grow in Brazil and that it awaits regulation for an even larger operation.

“Our brand deeply embraces multiple cultures by having physical offices all over the world. With the coming of the regulation, we would very much like to grow in Brazil and, who knows, in a year or two we will be able to have an office here as well,” she concluded.

Source: GMB