MAR 30 DE MAYO DE 2023 - 05:39hs.

Gaming affiliation is rich in opportunities, but needs preparation and responsibility

The first Afiliados Latam panel was dedicated to delimiting the differences in gaming and betting affiliation compared to other activities. The debate was led by Pedro Lucas (Super Afiliados) and included analysis from Abelardo Dantas (Chapeubets), Rodrigo 'Loco' Alves (Eightroom) and Flávio Raimundo (Afiliados Brasil) who showed the paths to follow to have good results in the activity.

Abelardo Dantas opened the debates stating that the first step is to have the support of an affiliation network so that the affiliate does not suffer alone with possible problems such as the payment guarantee.
“Unfortunately, the casino market does not provide very good security for the affiliate; what he finds in the traditional market. In it, if you make a sale, your commission stays on that platform and you are guaranteed to receive it. When working for a casino, mainly the Russians that I've had problems with, you may not get paid. The main way to avoid this situation is to work through a network. I work exclusively for Super Afiliados, who guarantee that you will receive your commission,” he explained.

Then, he pointed out that the easiest way for those who can't invest much in the first steps is to use free content production tools that help boost the affiliate.

“The most democratic and interesting way to start working with the affiliation is to produce content on YouTube. If you work correctly, you will get results very quickly. It is from Google and will naturally position you well in search engines. There is traffic there from people interested in consuming your content and they will reach you faster,” he added.

Rodrigo "Loco" Alves, Head of Content at Eightroom, brought up the Marketing Budget idea that some operators have made available to help those starting out, but he stressed the importance of working responsibly to attract the player.

“If there's one thing that really differentiates gaming affiliation from other areas, it's the question of accountability. When it comes to gaming, we involve money and emotion. Today, especially, you see many promises and false assumptions to attract players. This happens in marketing as a whole, but in betting we see many people who create themselves overnight and call themselves experts with the formula for success. So, responsibility is fundamental and must be a guideline to be followed.”

Flávio Raimundo, creator of Afiliados Brasil, highlighted the importance of preparing the affiliate well for the market, noting that the activity in Brazil has not yet reached full maturity.

“Whoever works with affiliation on the affiliate's side must understand that Brazil is a land to be explored and you need to educate the affiliate. Many think: what if I educate and then he affiliates with my competitor? If you have this petty thinking, you will always be pulling your competitor to the bottom instead of trying to go up. Everyone has room to climb. There's a lot to do here. You have to educate, teach, train the affiliate; to develop content and methodologies,” he concluded.

Source: Exclusive GMB