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Carla Dualib and Vitor Perlato

“Combate à Fraude has identification and validation tools tailored to sports betting”

The sports betting market depends on several factors to ensure safe operation and responsible gaming tools linked to the identification of players so that those who are betting are themselves, in order to avoid fraud and underage users. To this end, the company Combate à Fraude has a system that offers validation “in 99% of cases in less than 5 minutes,” as highlighted by Carla Dualib and Vitor Pelato, CAF directors.

Coming from the financial market and the e-commerce segment, the company Combate à Fraude has always stood out in these sectors for identification tools, digital onboarding and user verification in order to guarantee trust in commercial transactions.

Aware of the growth of the gaming and sports betting market, the firm is presenting itself to the industry to offer its validation solutions in an agile, safe and reliable way, automatically and in a few minutes.

Carla Dualib and Vitor Perlato, directors of the company, spoke with GMB about the product “perfectly suited to the sports betting industry, based on AI and quite accurate. With our system, operators can be sure that the person playing is themselves and that they are not minors,” they explained.

GMB – What can Combate à Fraude offer to the gaming and sports betting market?
Carla Dualib
– CAF does everything from digital onboarding to verification of users as a whole. We understand that we can bring a lot of expertise to this segment to confirm that all players are themselves.
Vitor Perlato – We were able to analyze and validate the identity of all end users. We are able to help operators identify if that person is themselves, if they have any kind of restriction and, above all, prove that we are not making any mistakes, that there is no underage playing and all this automatically - we have AI behind it -, managing to do this, in 99% of cases, in up to 5 minutes in a very agile, precise and safe way, delivering everything to companies automatically.

In legal – and responsible – gambling one of the operators' concerns is precisely this, a correct identification of who is playing. Can they now feel confident working on a product of yours?
Undoubtedly. As you rightly pointed out, our solution was created for the financial market and we are already trusted by the main banks. What we're bringing to the iGaming industry is that trust we've built up over the last few years. So, we certainly managed to bring that confidence that we were able to identify the final player. Assertiveness is our guarantee of knowing that the player is himself.

The sports betting market has been growing day by day and we are on the verge of having the sector regulated. What do you expect in terms of growth in CAF's operations when the market is regulated?
We expect to have a large market share, especially because we have technology ready to operate in this segment. We give a practical example. We have to work with a very specific age range. The age of majority must be respected and with our technology we can apply this and ensure that only adults participate in sports betting. This is the great differential we have to offer.

From a technical point of view, is the integration of CAF’s product with operators easy and user-friendly?
Yes. It's very easy and can be done via API, but we also have an SDK that can be embedded in the operators' application and, for those who don't have an application, there is an online version that manages all this system. It is important to highlight that we make this API available during our meetings so that all tests are carried out even before we are hired. And the integration is quite fast, happening in a few days.

Source: Exclusive GMB