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Open letter from CEO James Maida

“Wherever you need to be, GLI is there with you”

James Maida, CEO of Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), published an open letter to the company’s clients and partners commenting about the several novelties of the last months, including “new developments in jurisdictions that have previously been closed to regulated gaming, such as Brazil.” And with the return of international events, he states: “Looking forward to seeing you face to face this year.” Below, the full letter.

To our valued clients and partners,

So much has happened in the last few months, both in our industry and the world at large. Every day we find ourselves in a fresh, new reality that presents us with new opportunities and challenges. From supply-chain disruptions and unparalleled costs to changing consumer demand, we are contending with a continuously changing environment. If these unusual times have taught us anything, it’s how meaningful our relationships truly are.

Over the last six months, we’ve been in more marketplaces than ever. New developments are occurring in jurisdictions that have previously been closed to regulated gaming, such as Brazil, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. In mature markets, innovation is happening faster than ever before. New technology is changing how people buy lottery tickets with self-service vending and cashless options. We are witnessing unprecedented growth in iGaming, sports betting, and eSports, creating opportunities and regulatory challenges in markets worldwide.

This would have been impossible without your passion, vision, and collaboration. Our deep relationships with you drive us to always stay one step ahead. We understand that your speed-to-market needs don’t change just because the world around you does. We know you lean on us to help you avoid costly mistakes and delays. That’s why we offer trusted, end-to-end, integrated compliance and testing services for every stage of a game’s lifecycle, from design to ongoing certification. Our team devotes itself to being available to you anytime, anywhere across the globe – no matter the size of your business. We relentlessly work alongside you to help lead this industry forward in pursuit of your success.

For the past couple of years, you’ve heard me say, “We’re ready whenever you’re ready.” In 2022, I’m taking that a step further and saying, “Wherever you need to be, we’re there with you.” You already know we’re in your markets. We love seeing you at the industry shows, but that is not enough. Our team is dedicating the rest of the year to seeing you face to face. We want to know what keeps you up at night and talk with you about your challenges and opportunities – at lunch, over coffee, or just about anywhere else that suits you.

Together, there’s nowhere we can’t go. Whether the future of our industry starts today with new iGaming technology or tomorrow with NFTs and cryptocurrency, our GLI experts are ready to put their decades of experience and unique global insights to work for you.

From San Diego to Singapore, we’re out here today, helping shape the future, and we can’t wait to chat.


James Maida
CEO Gaming Laboratories International, LLC