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With Rafael Infante as main star

Bookmaker 188BET presents new #VemBetar campaign in Brazil

With mascot and new poster boy, 188BET launched its #VemBetar campaign. Since last week on the air, the ad has been shown on Brazil’s open and closed TV programming, in addition to radio and online media. The bookmaker's ad has Rafael Infante as the main star. The actor and comedian plays with the goat bet, which represents the goat bettor, good at guessing and ready for any challenge.

The objective is to relate the brand to entertainment and go against the grain of the competition, which has invested in former players and football personalities as ambassadors.

And in this market full of betting companies and media advertisements, 188BET sought to differentiate itself not only with its poster boy, but also in the tone adopted.

“The goat represents this light-hearted, light-hearted touch that our company has. Just look at our sports culture, the importance of mascots to football teams and the public's connection with them. With our time in the market and credibility, we have the necessary maturity to launch this campaign,” said Simone Trevisani, director of 188BET in Brazil.

Thinking about the final stretch of the main sporting events in 2022, the director highlighted the importance of showing the brand on a national network.

“It is essential to be in the media at such an important moment in the market. We were one of the first to be present on SporTV since the World Cup, in 2018, and one of the first betting brands to appear on the open channel. This constancy solidifies our brand and shows the public the reliability and security we have had for over 15 years,” Trevisani concluded.

In addition, the idea of the campaign is to launch a new term in the market: ‘betar’. The word is explained by the different ways of betting and enjoying football.

Source: MKTEsportivo