JUE 30 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2023 - 05:26hs.
Teaching and eSports

MIBR announces Senac RJ as new partner for women's CS:GO and Valorant teams

MIBR, the largest eSports team in Brazil, enters the education segment with an unprecedented partnership with Senac RJ (National Commercial Apprenticeship Service) and becomes the first eSports organization to sign an agreement with an educational institution. Senac RJ, in addition to being an ambassador for WIBR (Women in Brazil), a platform that aims to give visibility to female talents, will partner with the MIBR women's teams that play CS:GO and Valorant.

Senac RJ will be present as a brand on the jerseys of the MIBR women's teams, but the partnership also provides for digital content, such as a special web series about the life behind the games for them, talk shows developed exclusively for Senac RJ students and encouraging MIBR staff education (including backoffice and competitive), with scholarships and incentives.

In addition, Senac RJ is an ambassador for WIBR (Women in Brazil), a talent platform whose goals are directly connected with the educational institution's interest in bringing the conversation about games and technology to students and women throughout Brazil.

For Roberta Coelho, CEO of MIBR, the partnership envelops MIBR's proposal to change the game and have a more inclusive world for women. “Senac RJ arrives to enhance the WIBR platform, since, in addition to helping to spread the message that the world of games is for everyone, it will support us with education and mentoring.”

“Together, we will also create educational content for the rooms of Senac RJ units in order to break down the barriers that still exist in relation to the games market as a whole. Education is the key to being who we want to be, including in the world of games,” Coelho concluded

Source: GMB