MAR 27 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2022 - 00:54hs.
Bruno Baima, Marketing Director

“SGA has a great platform certified by GLI in Brazil, we are ready for regulation”

SGA System has already surpassed 40 operators using its sports betting and gaming platform and this became even more evident two months ago when the company achieved GLI certification for its system, as firm’s marketing diretor Bruno Baima told to GMB. “It was hard work that qualifies us as a technology company ready for the imminent regulated market in Brazil.”

SGA System has demonstrated its dedication to the Brazilian market with each new conquest of a new operator, with a solid, consolidated platform and with all the resources that the market requires. And not only that, according to Bruno Baima, marketing director of the company that exclusively talked to GMB during  recent edition of BFEXPO 2022.

GMB – SGA System is going through an important moment, with more than 40 operators using its platform and the recent GLI certification. We would like your analysis on this.
Bruno Baima
– It is a very important moment. The market is growing and SGA is working hard with certifications and integrations. It is a very opportune moment for us to offer our service to Brazilian operators with access to excellent technology, which we have presented at all the events where we have attended.

More than 40 operators under the SGA platform is a clear demonstration of technical competence. How did you achieve this status?
With a lot of work. The GLI certification, as you mentioned, is very important to maintain quality and generate a responsible, compliant platform for the market. We met all the requirements and achieved the certification, proving that our product also guarantees a very good usability experience for the player. There is a lot of demand for our platform, the market is very heated and brands are promoting their clubs and we just have to thank you and your media partnership. We are present at fairs to assist operators who want to place their brand in the country through a white label contract.

You mention that you ‘achieved’ the GLI certification. It's much more than just getting it, as there are an immense amount of technical requirements to be met.
That’s right. It's hard work. We followed an extensive documentation, but it was worth it because it generates a quality for the market and for the players in Brazil that makes us the only technology provider in the country with this certification.

And as for the regulation of sports betting, what is your assessment?
We wait. We are getting ready to turn the key to this new moment. Our platform is certified and, like us, operators are also looking forward to working in a regulated market. Every day we see more clubs with sponsorships and the market heating up. The stakes will not stop and only have to grow. So, it's time to regulate for the government to collect and for social projects to move forward. The economy can only gain in Brazil with regulation.

By the way, you sought the GLI certification precisely to be able to meet the regulatory requirements, right?
We prepare for that moment. This has been postponed, but on our side we have everything ready, both legally and in the area of compliance, in Brazil and abroad. As soon as it arrives, we will take our license to help operators work in this market.

And waiting for new operators to come...
Yes. We are ready for that and prepared to meet operators in all their demands.

Source: Exclusive GMB