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Relationship marketing for gaming customers: how to do it?

In an exclusive article for GMB, André Vinícius de A. Alves, commercial director and partner at Control+F5 Gaming, analyzes the best strategies for successful relationship marketing in the gaming area. For him, huge investments in campaigns and other actions are not necessary, but cultivating an environment in which the end user feels at home on a website, diversifying the offer of products with discretion and giving incentives in the right measure.

Cultivating long-term loyal relationships with customers is essential for any business. In the gaming and betting segment, creating and maintaining a lasting relationship with the public is of paramount importance for the survival of the operation.

Talking about relationship marketing in our industry is increasingly important. In an increasingly competitive market, it is essential to show your consumer the reasons why your website should be their favorite.

Is it necessary to invest huge amounts of money in campaigns and other marketing actions for this? I do not think so.

Betting and gaming customer retention is much more related to the way all sectors of your operation interact with them, than just being a mere marketing action, disconnected from the company. Well, let's talk a little more about that.

Make your audience feel at home

The first step is to prepare an excellent environment, with a great user experience.

So imagine that the user has already seen your site, and has come to it through inbound actions, or any other way. The relationship with this player starts there, from the first access!

Your website must provide a captivating experience. Lots of sports and market options, lots of games and attractive odds are usually the first steps that come to mind.

However, is offering a multitude of sports and games the best path for you? Or, the excess of options can leave the player confused?

It all depends on a more in-depth analysis of who your desired audience is. For example, if you want to capture experienced players, it is ideal that you really have a plethora of sports, markets and games. Thus, this gambler, already accustomed to the betting universe, can see an opportunity on your website to migrate to a more attractive option.

However, if you want to win over first-time punters, perhaps offering too many sports, markets and games might sound confusing, right?

Choose the most appropriate marketing actions

After thinking about retention through the optimization of the platform itself, it is also time to consider the most appropriate marketing actions to maintain this relationship.

Bonuses and promotions cannot be offered just as a welcome to players. Incentives have to be offered at various stages of your customer's journey so they feel your company really wants them to stay there.

For this, the VIP programs have been an excellent alternative. Generally, these initiatives contain goals to be met, and with each one of them the player gains more benefits.

Loyalty programs in the “vip club” format are great customer retainers, thus being a powerful weapon within relationship marketing.

Great customer support is another item that cannot be missed when it comes to retaining the customer. Clarification of doubts, genuine attention, accurate feedback, are factors that weigh a lot when choosing a customer for a particular betting site.

Take good care of your customers' resources

Finally, something that goes beyond marketing but is essential for the betting customer to be loyal to your site is: make them feel that their resources are in good hands.

Running a betting operation is, in a way, similar to running a financial operation: the customer's money is there! You need to take good care of these resources, creating a bond of genuine trust.

Withdrawals, deposits, means of payment. If all this works perfectly, the customer will feel well taken care of, which is a tremendous differentiator for your site from the competition.

Want to talk more about this topic? So, just conctact me. It's always great to exchange ideas about our busy gaming market.

André Vinícius de A. Alves
Commercial Director at Control+F5