VIE 12 DE ABRIL DE 2024 - 08:27hs.
Campo Grande report

Firm and strong, jogo do bicho migrates to WhatsApp groups as "bolão"

The orange benches left the streets of Campo Grande, while WhatsApp groups entered. The popular Brazilian game jogo do bicho has adapted to the new times, and offers bets, prizes and payments in an online format. The practice, however, remains the classic criminal misdemeanor, targeted because it is only part of the illegal activities of criminal groups. Campo Grande News had access to one of these groups, the ‘Bolão de Jogo de Bichos’ (lottery pool).

Even after ‘Operação Omertà’, which investigated the activities of a militia group that included exploitation of games of chance, gambling did not stop. They were suspended for a while, but returned to newsstands, as shown by Campo Grande News. Now, there is also another strategy.

Campo Grande News had access to one of these groups, the “Bolão de Jogo de Bichos” created at 8:28 pm on December 21, 2022. In the list, there are 244 participants, most with telephone numbers from Mato Grosso do Sul, but there are bettors from Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, and cities in the interior of São Paulo, Paraná, Goiás, Mato Grosso and even Paraguay.

The group offers draws twice a day, at 1 pm and 8 pm, with results being announced half an hour later. The rules have changed a bit. The game continues to be based on the Federal Lottery draw, in which the last two numbers indicate the animal (bicho) drawn.

However, there is no longer the “1 to 5”, in which 5 results were given and prizes could be R$ 800 or R$ 4 thousand, this, the coveted “head” draw or the “dry bet”, in which the gambler played all his chips on a single animal and, if he got it right, he took the biggest jackpot.

Now, the draw is limited to two animals. Each chosen animal costs, fixed, R$ 10 and not more than the bettor wants. The amount to be won also depends on the number of participants in the pool and the prize will be 70% of the stake, divided into equal parts.

The new modality came from a reader of Campo Grande News, who decided to carry out the offer that arrived via WhatsApp. He received all the information from the person in charge of the group.

When added to the group, the new bettor has access to the predictions of the other participants, information updated at every moment, in addition to the total collected. An example is the bet for the 20:30 draw, which was published every two minutes, on average. At the end of the term, R$ 410 were passed on by the bettors.

Thirty minutes after the deadline, the result of the game is available, as well as the winners. Lucky ones must send first and last name in addition to the Pix key. “If you want to maintain privacy, you can send it in private,” the group warns.

The jogo do bicho is a criminal misdemeanor, that is, illegality of lesser offensive potential, provided for in Decree-Law 3688/1941.