LUN 5 DE JUNIO DE 2023 - 14:46hs.
Narrated by pro player vsm

Fluxo EstrelaBet team is present in CS:GO campaign with “The Legendary Odd” video

Fluxo EstrelaBet, the CS:GO line of Fluxo, starts the 2023 season in full swing. The pro players - especially vsm, who also narrates the video - and the influencers Ale Maze and NinexT, star in the new campaign “A Odd Lendária” (The Legendary Odd). The video shows how even the most unlikely scenarios are possible to happen.

An enlightening campaign by Fluxo EstrelaBet has just gone live to tell in just over a minute how even the most unlikely scenarios are possible to happen, especially in a game as dynamic as CS:GO. “The Legendary Odd” is the title of the video released this Thursday (26), with narration by pro player vsm.

Produced by 3C Gaming – game partner responsible for the co-management of Fluxo – and by Fluxo itself in partnership with EstrelaBet, the film enshrines the excellent partnership between one of the most important bookmakers in Brazil and Fluxo, one of the most acclaimed eSports organizations in the country.

“One of the campaign's ideas is to show that in such a dynamic game with so many possibilities for scenarios, sometimes you have to abandon logic a little and rely purely on instinct. The enemy squad may be waiting for action and the key to surprise them is precisely the unexpected, hence the title 'The Legendary Odd'," explains Paulo Aguiar, CCO of 3C Gaming.

“It is always a pleasure for us to participate in campaigns with the Fluxo team, and even more so when we have good opportunities like this one. EstrelaBet has always valued modernity in its actions, and this partnership in eSports, with a team of the greatness of Fluxo, is proof of that. This partnership, like 'odd', is legendary," adds the head of sponsorships at EstrelaBet, Rafael Zanette.

This is the second campaign between the two brands after the announcement of the creation of the Fluxo EstrelaBet line for CS:GO, in which the partnership involves, in addition to sponsorship, the team's naming rights. Before that, the film “Qual a sua Aposta” was released in December 2022.

Launched by Nobru and Cerol in early 2021, under the management of 3C Gaming, Fluxo debuted in the Brazilian Free Fire League in the fourth season, already with a title. After the first remarkable year, the team remained in the fight for titles, always with a team with big names from the national scene. Fluxo was created to be a Free Fire community team, for the community.

In 2022, Fluxo started to have a CS:GO lineup, one of the most watched eSports, and the team has already won its first championship in less than two months.

EstrelaBet is one of the largest sports betting and online gaming houses in Brazil, and has become a reference in the support and sponsorship of teams from the most diverse sports.

Currently, the company is a master sponsor of the Brazilian Futsal Confederation, and also supports teams such as Internacional-RS, Remo-PA, Botafogo-SP, Villa Nova-MG, Resende-RJ, CRB-AL, in football; Minas Tênis Clube and Sada Cruzeiro, in Volleyball; Magnus, in Futsal, and the Campeonato Gaúcho Feminino.

In addition, EstrelaBet also sponsors CazeTV, from streamer Casimiro, one of the biggest in Brazil, and has UFC champion Fabrício Werdum on its list of ambassadors.

Source: GMB