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Focus on corporate governance

Intralot Brasil launches compliance program based on ethics, integrity and transparency

Intralot Brasil, operator of Loteria Mineira, is committed to acting with ethics, integrity and transparency in all its actions. The objective is to improve systems and processes in order to contribute to the improvement of general Compliance and Governance practices. To this end, the company developed and launched its compliance program.

Intralot has developed its Compliance Program as a set of mechanisms designed to prevent, detect and remedy misconduct and harmful acts committed against the company, including those related to fraud and corruption, sexual and moral harassment, conflict of interests and other non-conformities that may achieve the company's strategic objectives.

The Program was developed based on the principles and guidelines established in its Code of Ethical Conduct, with the purpose of fostering and maintaining a culture of integrity at Intralot.

Essential for good corporate governance practices, Compliance initiatives form the basis that guarantees ethics, integrity and transparency in all of Intralot's businesses. The Compliance Program is the materialization of the intelligence of prevention, detection and response to non-compliant attitudes.


Prevention: Aims to identify, assess and mitigate compliance risk, including those related to fraud and corruption, moral and sexual harassment, ethical and legal violations, conflict of interests and other non-compliances that violate Intralot's ethical pretext.

Detection: Includes mechanisms capable of, in a timely manner, identifying and interrupting any ethical misconduct that may not have been avoided by prevention actions, enabling the accountability of those involved.

Remediation: Establishes the liability and penalty applicable to each case of proven misconduct, as well as making it possible to improve the weaknesses that led to the respective misconduct and recover any losses.

The premise of the Compliance Program is to keep the organization in full alignment with the best governance practices and, at the same time, use its market leadership to promote ethical, fair and egalitarian behavior, inside and outside the company.

Intralot Brasil arrived in the country in 2008 with the mission of operating licensed lotteries and two years later, in March 2010, it signed a contract with the Minas Gerais State Lottery. A couple of months later, the company launched its first product, Keno Minas, which to date, is its most successful in Brazil.

The operation of Intralot Brasil stands out as an important driving force in the state's economy, responsible for approximately 4,000 jobs generated through the operation at its points of sale, present in 433 municipalities. In the last year, more than R$ 18 million were distributed in commissions to resellers.

Source: GMB