MIÉ 6 DE DICIEMBRE DE 2023 - 13:41hs.
Dotan Lazar, CEO

“LSports is a company that keeps on delivering and we are not letting the terror win”

In this exclusive interview for GMB, Dotan Lazar, CEO of LSports, shared insights of the company's resilience in the face of recent challenges in Israel. Despite the ongoing situation, LSports remains committed to delivering excellence and not letting terror hinder its operations. The executive emphasized the strength of the LSports team and their determination to overcome adversity.

Regarding their presence at the SBC Summit in Miami, Dotan highlighted the significance of the event in connecting with industry peers and showcasing LSports' innovative products. He emphasized the company's commitment to leading the industry through technology and innovation, making them a preferred choice for partners and prospects.

Dotan also unveiled LSports' recent innovation, the sports GPT, a pioneering solution that allows users to inquire about sports-related predictions, scores, and more through a chat interface. This innovation reflects LSports' dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the sports industry.

Looking ahead to 2024, Dotan hinted at further advancements, leveraging AI and machine learning to maintain LSports' position as a leader in the industry. The company's focus on innovation and being at the forefront of technological evolution remains central to its strategy.

As it could not be otherwise being a company based in Israel, at the beginning of the conversation LSports’ CEO commented on the situation they are experiencing in their country of origin after the terrorist attack suffered a few weeks ago.


Games Magazine Brasil - Please let the public know how it is going for all the people in the company to face the situation and, at the same time, to keep delivering your customers.
Dotan Lazar - First of all, thank you very much for having us here. As you see, we are not letting the terror win. The fact that we are here at the moment says a lot. We keep on maintaining our lives. We respect the dead and we are going to cherish them. Alongside that, we're going to win the war because there is no other way. And at the moment, it's an ongoing fight.

Our people are standing very strong in this situation, meaning that we have people in reserves at the moment keeping the borders. So my family can be safe inside of Israel. We have people traumatized, as a few houses from them terrorist attacked and they were hiding in in rooms, in closets just for them not to be killed, which is crazy.

But LSports is a company that keeps on deliver. We're not letting the terror win. And we are here to keep on growing and serve our customers, which is what we do best, basically.



As you mentioned, it's very important to show everyone that you guy is here standing firm. So speaking of the event, please tell us the importance of being here in the SBC Summit in Miami, as it's a thrilling opportunity to connect with other businesses and make new connections...
We've been in Miami last year as well but we weren't presenting, we just came as visitors and it was a nice success. We met a lot of our partners, a lot of potential prospects that we want to work with. And this is why we decided to actually build a stand this year to present our products, so people can actually see that there is a company that is leading the industry.

It's a name is walking alongside technology, alongside the innovation and stuff like that. We're very happy to be here again, it looks like a very good convention and we had a lot of super good meetings.

We believe that once you are in front of the innovation and the technology, you don't need to do a lot of effort. People will come to you because they will want to be the best in the industry, the newest thing in the industry. And this is why we are succeeding.



And are there any novelties you can tell us about for the event and for 2024?
For example, two months ago we released the sports GPT, which the first one in the world of its kind. You can actually question a chat, what is going to be the score, what is going to be the corner, what is its estimation..And it's actually spitting out information with the bets slip option and stuff like that. This is what I talked about earlier about innovation.

We always want to be in the front. If something new is out somewhere, we want to use it for our benefit in the sports industry. We will see it happening more and more in the future as AI and machine learning are more evolved, and we will be in the front. This is the meaning of LSports.

Source: Exclusive GMB