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Alessandro Valente, co-founder and president

“BiS SiGMA grew 25% to 30% and by 2025 we have already reserved an even larger area”

The co-founder and president of BiS SiGMA, Alessandro Valente, received GMB exclusively to outline some details of the next edition of the event. “Our exhibition and congress are already consolidated and continue to attract attention from global players. This year, demand grew between 25% and 30% and we had to adapt the spaces to receive the public. For 2025, we have already reserved more area,” he said.

GMB – Was BiS SiGMA at SBC Miami looking for partners for the fair in Brazil?
Alessandro Valente
– Exactly. In addition to other businesses, BiS SiGMA is increasingly relevant to the Brazilian market and here there is a great space and a wonderful opportunity to expose a little to those who didn't have the chance to be with us. It's been really cool and the feedback is really good, both from those who have been to BiS SiGMA previously and from those who haven't been yet.

And it is also very interesting from a business point of view, as SBC is one of the most important fairs in the sector and will soon be in Brazil, as well as EGR. But we cannot deny that BiS SiGMA is the largest and most important in Latin America.

Is Brazil in the spotlight?
Clear. I have already mentioned the partnerships with SBC and EGR, and it is also worth mentioning Afiliados Brasil. Everyone is united with us to generate even more content. Some of these organizers send us speakers and we exchange a lot of information.

Let's talk about BiS SiGMA 2024. What will the agenda be like?
We are working on it. There is a lot that we will change. There will be two stages, one on the ground floor and the other on the mezzanine. Inside the fair stage, it will be more 'popular', while on the mezzanine it will focus on politics and regulation. For anyone interested in participating as a speaker, please contact us.

There was an increase of more than 25% in the demand for BiS SiGMA spaces. Will it grow even more?
Unfortunately we will not have the physical space to grow further. For 2025 we have already negotiated more area in Transamérica. This year, we are tightening up a little to fit more people. We reduced some spaces that were not being used in the edition to accommodate more people. Either way, demand grew between 25% and 30%.

What is the date of BiS SiGMA 2024?
It will be on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of April, at Transamérica. We will have other activities in parallel, such as dinners, network drinks and other very interesting activities.

Also the Awards?
Yes. And for the next edition we hope to make a unified award between SiGMA and BiS. In 2023 there were two ceremonies.

Is it essential to show the cohesion of the industry?
For sure. And to increasingly honor the local industry in Latin America in general and give a little more strength to companies in Brazil. This is where the boat has to go.

Source: GMB Exclusive