MAR 16 DE JULIO DE 2024 - 12:17hs.
Darío Leiman, Regional Business Dev Manager – LatAm for SOFTSWISS

“Brazil is a market plenty of business, opportunities and hopefully to be regulated very soon”

This year, SOFTSWISS has demonstrated a consolidation strategy across all Latin American jurisdictions that have joined online gaming and sports betting regulation. In an interview with GMB, Darío Leiman, Regional Business Development Manager - LatAm, emphasizes the company's participation in the SBC Summit in Miami and the significance of the Brazilian market for the brand.

Throughout 2023, the brand's presence in Latin America has been increasing after the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator underwent a process of introducing new local servers. This allowed the company to optimize connections and data transfer speeds.

The SOFTSWISS delegation, led by Leiman and Carla Dualib, Regional Business Development Manager, held productive meetings with clients and partners, established new connections, explored potential collaborations, and showcased exciting product updates that generated industry buzz.

Notably, the cross-product integration of the Game Aggregator and the Jackpot Aggregator via a seamless one-time API connection had already delivered substantial benefits to clients. These two products had previously been successfully integrated with the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, a gamified sports betting platform featuring a distinctive range of bonuses.

On the other hand, the provider highlights that by hosting servers in regions with the highest traffic, it can guarantee a faster signal, greater stability, and a personalized service approach, including different currencies, popular games, and other attractive features.

GMB - How do you feel about being here in such an event?
Dario Leiman -
Amazing to be here again this year. Meeting with friends, getting with colleagues. And the exhibition is very, very big compared to last year. So, very amazed and excited to be with everyone while we keep growing and growing in Brazil, mainly last year. And now heading for the rest of the market, right? Colombia, Peru, Mexico. So it's a good a good thing to be here.

That’s great. Tell us a bit of the opportunities that can come up here with new connections, new companies, new technologies…
SOFTSWISS is in the iGaming industry for a long time already, more than ten years, mainly focused in Europe and during the last 18 months in Latin America. The company is getting well known more and more each day. So, there's a lot of meetings that we had and many others that suddenly come up with those that recognize SOFTSWISS as they know the service and the quality of products and solutions that we provide. So it is a really good thing.

Can you give us a picture of the LatAm industry and its importance, in a global scale, for SOFTSWISS?
On a global scale, we are very well focused in Latin America because we know what it is. Brazil is a giant market, of course, then we have Mexico, Peru, Colombia, next can be Chile. But, you know, Brazil is very, very big. There's plenty of business and opportunities there. Hopefully it's going to be regulated very, very soon. And we're open to do business everywhere. We have different solutions for each customer whether it is tiny, medium or big, we're there.

Source: Exclusive GMB