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December 5th, with Jota Quest band show

Loteria Mineira and Consórcio MSL hold official launch event for Raspadinha®

To celebrate the success of the new Raspadinha®, Loteria Mineira and the MSL Consortium will hold an event to celebrate the reach of the modality in Minas Gerais. Next December 5th, LEMG and CMSL will welcome guests at Espaço Contemporâneo, in Belo Horizonte, for a presentation by famous illusionists ‘Henry and Klauss’ and a show by Jota Quest band. The event will also celebrate 100 years of the Loteria de Minas, completed in August.

Loteria Mineira and the MSL consortium, formed by the multinationals International Game Technology (IGT) and Scientific Games and the Brazilian SAGA (Intralot do Brasil) will officially launch Raspadinha®, already in operation in Minas Gerais, and celebrate 100 years of Loteria Mineira, completed in August.

The CMSL consortium and Loteria Mineira will welcome guests on December 5th, at Espaço Contemporâneo, in Belo Horizonte, for a special presentation by the famous illusionists 'Henry and Klauss' and a show by the band Jota Quest, one of the most important in Brazil and, naturally, very Minas Gerais.

Raspadinha® website

Last Friday (10) the Consórcio Mineira da Sorte de Loterias (CMSL) launched the new Raspadinha® website https://raspadinha.com.br, which provides information about the current series and prize plans for each game.

The portal also guides bettors on redeeming prizes and the Raspadinha® Responsible Gaming policy.


With a total of R$ 132 million (US$ 27.15m) in prizes for locals, the game plans for Raspadinha® operated by CMSL under the control and supervision of Loteria Mineira are:

  • Raspadinha Jogo da Velha (R$ 2.00 – issuing 30,890,000 tickets)
  • Raspadinha Boa Sorte (R$5.00 – issuing 10,288,000 tickets)
  • Raspadinha 7 da Sorte (R$ 5.00 – issue of 10,000,000)
  • Raspadinha Super Premiada (R$ 10.00 – issue of 6,000,000 tickets)

The more than special meeting in Belo Horizonte will be the right moment for players in the Brazilian lottery market to exchange experiences and learn more about the cutting-edge and successful solution in the implementation of Raspadinha® by Consórcio Mineira da Sorte in Minas Gerais.

LEMG directors, in addition to a large staff from the state government, will also be present, which will allow to understand the social policy that has been applied in Minas and which has already been closely observed by other states interested in launching their lotteries.

Guests will share moments of relaxation during the presentation by famous illusionists ‘Henry and Klauss’ and enjoy an excellent, very intimate show with Jota Quest, one of the most charismatic bands in Minas Gerais.

The meeting will take place from 5 pm on December 5th at Espaço Contemporâneo, in Belo Horizonte/MG.

Source: GMB