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Brand positioning and recognition

Masterbets hires Control F5 to develop a robust strategic plan in Brazil

Masterbets365 becomes Control F5's new partner. The platform offers several markets in sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, futsal, combat, American football, ice hockey and many others. The betting site has just arrived in Brazil and has ambitious expansion plans in the country.

As the company's CEO details: “Masterbets365's vision of the Brazilian market is very promising. We identify the country as a superpower in terms of sports betting and online gaming within the American continent, due to the large number of inhabitants it has and in addition to the great football culture that stands out throughout the history of the world's king sport.”

The imminent and short-term plans aim to position and recognize the brand among the local public, organizing these processes by stages and regions, thus achieving greater efficiency in such a vast geographic space.

Masterbets365 is developing a robust strategic plan together with Control F5. Asked about the choice of Control as a strategic partner, the operation's CEO explained:

“Our company's decision to work hand in hand with Control F5 was due to extensive recommendations from many well-known people in the online gaming space, including game providers, payment gateways and others. The active exposure that the company has at various game fairs held in various parts of the world also caught our attention.”

“The most important expectation for our brand is to be able to take advantage of the extensive knowledge that Control F5 has in the Brazilian market so that we can achieve our objectives in the shortest possible time, hoping to obtain good service and successful results that allow us to grow comfortably and quickly within of the country,” he stated.

Control F5 has several solutions to enable successful operations in Brazil

Control F5 offers an integrated services hub, that is, a complete set of solutions for gaming operators who want to obtain excellent results in the Brazilian market.

Control F5 solutions cover the areas of marketing, compliance, professional, technology, legal, advertising, finance, affiliates, service and consultancy.

The team has proven experience in gaming, with experience in the industry both in Brazil and abroad. The company's operations cover everything from planning to the development of the entire operation necessary for national and international companies to chart the best trajectory in the Brazilian market.

Control F5's strategies are personalized for each client, as each operation is unique and has different objectives and needs.

“Do you want to elevate your gaming operation to the level of excellence? Come talk to Control F5 and learn more about everything we offer,” invites the company.

Source: GMB