JUE 13 DE JUNIO DE 2024 - 02:21hs.
State deputy Alencar da Silveira Jr.

President of América-MG wants to ban sports betting that depends on individual conduct

The president of América Futebol Clube and state deputy Alencar da Silveira Jr. proposes a change in the project that regulates sports betting in Brazil. He will deliver to the President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, a suggested amendment that prohibits betting modalities that depend on the individual conduct of a player or referee, such as corners, penalties and applying cards. The project should be voted on Tuesday (21).

“A ban on betting on football sporting events that involves predicting cards, corners and penalties prevents match-fixing and other illegal practices that could harm the integrity of the sport, as we have seen recently not only in Brazil, but in other parts of the world,” argues the deputy, who must send the proposal to the president of the senate, Rodrigo Pacheco.

This year, the Public Ministry of Goiás launched the Maximum Penalty operation, which exposed a results manipulation scheme involving players from series A and B of the Brasileirão.

The case moved Brazilian authorities and also parliamentarians. The government sent Congress a text that regulates sports betting. One of the objectives is to increase tax collection, and the proposal establishes a rate of 18% on the gross revenue of companies in the sector, locally known as “bets”.

According to the bill, bettors will have to pay 30% Income Tax on prizes greater than R$2,112. The Bill was already approved by the Senate Sports Committee last Wednesday 8th.

At the Minas Assembly, Alencar da Silveira Jr. also presented a bill that prohibits betting that depends on individual conduct, along the same lines as what he will defend in the Senate. The deputy's Bill is awaiting an opinion from the Constitution and Justice Committee.

Source: GMB