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SBC Summit Latinoamérica and SiGMA Malta 2023

Betpass attends prominent events in the World iGaming scene

Betpass, a technology company that develops solutions focused on attraction and retention for the iGaming market, left its mark on the two biggest iGaming events of the year, the SBC Summit Latinoamérica (Miami) and SiGMA Europe (Malta). Represented by the COO, Gabriel Pires, and the CRO, Gustavo Salvador, Betpass consolidated its presence in the international market.

The SBC Summit Latinoamérica is an essential forum for the iGaming industry in Latin America, bringing together professionals, operators and regulators to discuss the ever-evolving trends and challenges of this growing market.

In this post, we will explore Betpass participation in the SBC Summit Latinoamérica and the significant contributions of Gabriel Pires and Gustavo Salvador.

Betpass at SBC Summit Latinoamérica

Betpass leaders, Gabriel Pires (COO) and Gustavo Salvador (CRO), played crucial roles in the company's participation in the SBC Summit Latinoamérica, meeting with important names in the market and building bridges for new businesses around the world.

Gabriel and Gustavo actively participated in the conference on "What type of content and partnerships will gain in the Brazilian market?" at the SBC Summit Latinoaméricana. During the event, they shared valuable insights into Betpass' content strategy and partnerships in the fast-growing Brazilian market.

"At the conference, we emphasized the importance of understanding the unique culture and preferences of the Brazilian audience. Establishing strategic partnerships that align with our vision and provide relevant content is critical to success in Brazil's growing market,” said Gabriel Pires, COO from Betpass.

For Gustavo Salvador, CRO at Betpass, "participating in the conference on 'What type of content and partnerships will gain in the Brazilian market?' It was a valuable opportunity to share our vision of strategic partnerships and engaging content in the Brazilian market.”

“A deep understanding of the needs of local players is the key to success, and we are committed to offering exceptional experiences to our customers in Brazil," expressed the executive.

The Future of Betpass in Latin America

Betpass' successful participation in the SBC Summit Latinoaméricana reflects its continued commitment to the Latin American iGaming market. The company has demonstrated that it is ready to lead the way in the region, offering innovative products and responsible practices.

Betpass' presence at the SBC Summit Latinoamérica not only strengthened its industry connections, but also positioned it as a prominent player in a rapidly growing market. With its focus on innovation, responsibility and strategic partnerships, Betpass is ready to shape the future of iGaming in Latin America.

Betpass leaves its mark at SiGMA Europe Malta 2023

In addition to participating in the SBC Summit Latinoamérica, from October 31st to November 2nd, 2023, Betpass was present at what is considered the biggest iGaming event, the mother of all conferences, SiGMA Europe Malta 2023.

The event, which this year brought new locations and several different attractions, also featured cultural tours, dinners and sports events with a focus on networking for participants. In numbers, Sigma Europe 2023 brought together more than 800 sponsors and exhibitors, 25 thousand delegates, more than 750 operators, in addition to 2 awards nights.

Represented by the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Gustavo Salvador, Betpass' participation in this prestigious event reinforced its commitment to innovation, strategic partnerships and constant improvement in the user experience.

SiGMA Europe Malta 2023 not only provided an environment to learn about technologies and market trends, but also served as a dynamic forum to exchange ideas, knowledge and inspiration with the industry's most influential thought leaders.

Betpass' exceptional participation in both events highlights not only its prominent position in iGaming, but also its tireless pursuit of excellence and leadership in the sector. Betpass' bright future continues to be shaped by its prominent presence at prestigious events, propelling iGaming to new heights.

Source: GMB