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Simon Hovmand-Stilling, CEO South America

“Better Collective expects a win-win for everyone with regulation in Brazil”

Better Collective, a global sports media leader, was recently at SBC Latinoamérica to get even closer to LatAm. Simon Hovmand-Stilling, CEO of South America, talked with GMB about his adaptation to Brazil, where he has lived for six months, and the importance of the region. “We want to grow on the continent and this is the perfect opportunity.” Regarding regulation in Brazil, he said: “I hope we arrive with good rules for a win-win for everyone”.

Better Collective, one of the largest digital sports media companies in the world, headquartered in Denmark and with a global presence, has been moving closer and closer to the American continent, with a robust mergers and acquisitions strategy.

In the United States, it strengthened its presence with the recent acquisition of Playmaker HQ. The Latin market as a whole – and the Brazilian market in particular – is also the company’s focus. So much so that in September it acquired Torcedores.com, a leading sports media platform in the country and perfectly adapted to the region's sports culture.

And not surprisingly, this year it appointed Simon Hovmand-Stilling as CEO of South America, who took on his duties to develop the regional market directly from Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

With a vision to become the leading digital sports media group, Better Collective owns and operates local and international sports media and communities that aim to make sports entertainment sustainable and fun. Through its online media, the Group delivers premium content, data insights, betting tips and educational tools to sports fans around the world.

The experienced Terence Gargantini is accompanying the Brazil operation, with great expertise in the sports media sector in the country, where the company already has more than 15 professionals dedicated to the region's market.

In Latin America, the company began its journey in Brazil, but is also interested in entering Peru, where regulation is at an advanced stage, and other countries.

To reinforce its presence in the region, Better Collective was an exhibitor at the recent SBC Summit Latinoamérica, in Miami, with a team larger than its presence in 2022, given the strong entry it has been having on the continent.

During the event, CEO Simon Hovmand-Stilling gave a quick exclusive interview to GMB, when he spoke about his new experience in moving to Brazil, a country with a culture quite different from that found in Denmark.

He also spoke about good results at the event, approaching important local players and the expectation of rapid regulation of the Brazilian market.

GMB - We are at Better Collective stand in the SBC Summit, Latinoamérica with Simon, CEO for Better Collective South America. As we chat a little earlier, you’ve moved to Brazil. How has it been this experience? Are you fully adapted to the country?
Simon Hovmand-Stilling - I wouldn't say fully adapted. It's working in progress. I moved with my family, my two kids and my wife six months ago. We're still getting to know the city. We're very much enjoying Rio, where we are living. But I wouldn't say fully adapted. It's a big difference in terms of culture, in terms of everything, but we really enjoy Brazil.

And speaking of the fair, what's the feeling to be here in Miami in such an event as the SBC Summit, Latinoamérica?
I think it is a super cool event. I was here last year, and it seems like this year it is bigger. It's more dynamic, more people, more relevant people. So we are here with a pretty big set up ourselves and really enjoying it.

Regarding goals, what do you expect to get from this show and how is the event going so far? Obviously, we want to really grow in South America, and this is the perfect opportunity to meet a lot of the stakeholders and hopefully future partners. That's why we have a big team on site. So constant meetings, it seems like almost like a “blue ocean” in terms of the possibilities for the region. So, in that sense, everybody is really fired up and yes, we're much pretty busy all day.

Especially when you picture the regulation that is estimated we'll have by the end of the year. What are your expectations once the Brazilian market is regulated?
Of course, it's always good for a market. Right now, there is some uncertainty on how is the regulation going to look. But I think it's going to be good for everybody to just get it done, and hopefully we'll end up with some win-win rules for everybody.
We need a regulated market, but also a market where it's possible to do business, right? So, I'm hopeful that will pan out in a good way both for the regulators but also for the operators, so we can have a good ecosystem. Let's see if it actually happens this year, as it's been it's been underway for many years. So, personally let's see.

Source: Exclusive GMB