JUE 25 DE JULIO DE 2024 - 09:14hs.
Opinion – Thiago Faustino, CTO WEEBET

Software architecture for online betting sites must be scalable and secure

The advancement of technology has drawn the attention of sports betting operators to offering increasingly comprehensive, robust and fault-free services. Thiago Faustino, CTO of WEEBET, a Brazilian platform developer, highlights in an opinion article for GMB the importance of scalable software to guarantee the flexibility that websites need to grow without compromising usability and 24/7 availability.

With the advancement of technology, betting operators have increasingly invested in robust and scalable software to meet the growing demands of their customers. As a developer, I believe that understanding a little more about software architecture can make it easier to choose a suitable platform for your business needs, which is why I decided to write about the subject.

Even though the software architecture for online betting platforms does not follow a single standard, it is shaped based on the need for two basic development concepts, which are scalability and availability. Despite these principles, each platform can be unique and can be shaped according to developers' preferences and strategies.

Many platforms opt for an architecture based on a distributed system, also known as microservices, and it is precisely this construction that we will focus on here. This development scenario allows the system to be divided into smaller components, facilitating independent maintenance, scalability and updates.

One of the points that was mentioned is scalability, which is crucial in online betting platforms. When demand for the website increases, microservices scale to meet customer needs, ensuring the system continues to run smoothly. Practically speaking, the gradual increase in access to a website brings to light the need for automation, which plays a vital role for these platforms, especially in relation to response time.

With the increase in instances, automated systems help maintain performance in growing situations, that is, automation increases the scaling of microservices. This is precisely where we talk about availability. When having software for scalable betting sites, ensuring availability is essential for operators, especially because the famous “site offline” is not an acceptable situation when offering services even during traffic peaks.

This entire configuration is what allows the platform to grow gradually, without wasting resources, ensuring that it remains profitable for the development company and accessible for operators. A scalable platform is a necessity for operators, not only due to planned financial commitments, but to guarantee quality of service.

Given the sensitivity of players' financial and personal data, security is an absolute priority in the software architecture of online bookmakers. Therefore, security features are strictly implemented to ensure that data stored on the platform is not compromised.

Finally, the software architecture for online betting platforms is diverse and adaptable, molding itself according to the needs of creators. However, scalability, availability and security are key elements for success. As technology continues to evolve, online sportsbooks must be prepared to face new challenges, evaluating innovative partners and practices to remain competitive in this ever-growing sector.