JUE 25 DE JULIO DE 2024 - 10:51hs.
Master sponsorship

Superbet wants Sportsbet.io's space on São Paulo's jersey

São Paulo received a master sponsorship proposal from the European bookmaker Superbet, which intends to cover the values of Sportsbet.io, ‘Tricolor's’ current partner. The offer is around R$50 million (US$ 10.25m) annually. The company that currently owns the space on the uniform has the right to match the value and remain on the jersey until the end of the contract, which runs until December 2024.

São Paulo informed the current sponsor about the proposal it received, which is higher than the current deal. For a company to remove Sportsbet.io from the most noble part of the uniform, it will be necessary to pay a fine of around R$24 million (US$ 4.9m), pplus corrections.

According to news outlet ge investigation, Superbet is willing to pay this fine to enter the Brazilian market once and for all. The European company sees São Paulo with great potential in 2024.

The contract values are around R$50 million (US$ 10.25m) annually. If the new company agrees to pay the fine, it will have to pay around R$80 million (US$ 16.4m).

Negotiations are expected to intensify in the coming days. São Paulo preaches caution as this is a conversation that involves several contractual details. It is still necessary to know the real values corrected for termination and the rights of the current partner.

Source: ge