DOM 21 DE ABRIL DE 2024 - 04:52hs.
Fernando Garita, CEO

Betsul and Vibra Gaming: A strategic partnership towards the future of online betting

The newly appointed CEO of Betsul, Fernando Garita, highlights in this text the recent partnership between the leading Brazilian betting site and Vibra Gaming, an innovative platform in the market that offers the best technology for various payment method integrations. It also allows working with a broad and updated Casino section, facilitating continuous growth.

We are taking significant steps in our journey, especially with the recent partnership with Vibra Gaming.

The Vibra platform offers comprehensive delivery, with the necessary technology to provide various integrations in payment methods, as well as allowing us to work with a broad and updated Casino section, facilitating continuous growth.

Their ability to be multi-provider and multi-credential is crucial in the sports betting segment, given the diversity of markets and sports betting options per provider. Through this partnership, we have been able to integrate various tools and services, saving time and significant investments. In addition, we are leveraging technologies such as Multitenancy, support in multiple languages, a differentiated wallet for various types of balances, and operations in various currencies.

The partnership with Vibra Gaming symbolizes a strategic alliance that promises not only to propel Betsul in the online betting landscape but also to reinforce its commitment to innovation and responsibility.

With a clear vision for the future, we will continue to position ourselves firmly as a leader in the online gaming and betting market, ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Fernando Garita
CEO of Betsul