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Copag transforms the company into “More Diverse and Respectful Spaces”

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of diversity and inclusion, Copag is playing a fundamental and active role in promoting a welcoming environment for everyone. Therefore, it has just implemented an innovative project that is bringing these themes into the corporate operations of the Cartamundi group company.

This project aims to create a more inclusive work environment, bringing crucial topics up for discussion and implementing concrete actions. The topics covered are broad, including, but not limited to, LGBTQIA+ issues, Black Consciousness and people with disabilities.

“What sets this project apart is its practical approach. These are not just speeches, but actions that transform organizational culture,” guarantees Copag.

The initiatives include lectures with experts in the areas of inclusion, podcasts, a different way of approaching extremely important subjects and dynamic workshops that enable employees to deal with different situations.
The impact of these actions is not only felt by the individuals directly affected, but also throughout the company.

“More engaged and aware employees promote a culture of mutual respect, improving the organizational climate and boosting productivity,” says Copag.

Source: GMB