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New Sportradar white paper

If casino operators want to win back customers, they will have to offer sports betting

Sportradar, a global company providing innovative products such as data analytics, compliance and integrity services, has just released an important white paper on the profit possibilities that sports betting can offer online casinos. The study “Increasing casino profits in the sports betting market” indicates that the segment will maintain growth at a CAGR of 11% until 2030, the year in which it will exceed US$ 153 billion.

The report in Portuguese can be downloaded by clicking here.

With the global betting sector on the rise, online casino operators are faced with a difficult dilemma: they can maintain the same model, offering the same games as always, or open new sources of revenue with the launch of sports betting. The question is: Why should they do this? And, above all, how can they do this?

Several regions and countries around the world have already legalized digital sports betting, ushering in a wave of new competition. On the other hand, mobile betting is booming, especially in the United States, where 9 out of 10 bets are made using mobile devices. Globally, this number represents around 45%. Adding all this up, more and more customers have easy access to products, further increasing the demand for sports betting.

On a superficial analysis, this scenario may seem favorable for casino operators. In both current and emerging markets, online betting is increasingly gaining public acceptance; It can therefore be assumed that casino profits will only continue to increase. In fact, according to current estimates, the online casino segment is expected to grow considerably along with the sports betting sector.

“However, with the growing search for sports betting around the world, bettors are looking for companies that offer both vectors in a single experience. Although new competitors are meeting demand and gaining market share in the process,” points out the Sportradar study.

“Little by little, casinos without sports betting are disappearing,” says Andy Mace, director of casino customization at VAIX, a Sportradar company. “Given the growing maturity of the online betting sector as a whole, casino operators are under deep pressure to implement a diversification strategy and capture a share of the market,” he assesses.

“If casino operators want to win back and retain customers, they will have to improve their offerings. In other words, diversifying your portfolio and entering the sports betting industry is the best opportunity to increase revenue and recover lost profit,” declares Sportradar.

Source: GMB