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New contest

Paraíba Lottery launches notice for payment method companies in sports betting

After the launch of the Notice for accreditation of companies to explore sports betting in the Brazilian state of Paraíba, Lotep has just launched a new competition. It is open to companies interested in intermediating payments for lottery licensees. The deadline for submitting proposals ends on December 26th.

Recently, the Paraíba State Lottery launched the notice for accreditation of companies to operate sports betting in the state. To complement the process, Lotep published in the Official Gazette this Tuesday (28), a new notice for companies interested in acting in the intermediation of payments for permit holders.

Interested payment companies must submit proposals from December 6th. The deadline for submitting qualification documentation is December 26th and only companies that meet Central Bank standards and must use Pix as a solution for financial transactions will be allowed to participate.

All interested parties who meet the conditions stipulated in the Notice will be accredited and able to be hired directly by the permission holders who will explore the public lottery service in Paraíba, in order to provide means of payment for the aforementioned activities.

For accreditation, interested companies must meet the documentary requirements and pass the Proof of Concept (POC) and only after the process is completed will Lotep publish the list of accredited companies.

Each of the companies able to provide services to lottery operators in Paraíba must transfer, as remuneration to the State, the amount of R$50,000 (US$ 10,200), in addition to 20% of the revenue from processed transactions.

The Notice can be consulted in the Official Gazette of Paraíba by clicking here. It is published on page 30.

Source: GMB