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Senator Angelo Coronel believes in a “loose vote” on the sports betting bill today

Despite the promise of opposition senators to obstruct the voting of projects in the Plenary in protest against the appointment of minister Flávio Dino to the STF, the Senate must approve with a large majority Bill 3626/2023, which regulates fixed-odd sports betting in Brazil. The one who says so is Senator Angelo Coronel, the bill's rapporteur. The vote on the so-called “bets” project is scheduled for today’s (29) plenary session in the Senate.

For Angelo Coronel, in addition to filling a gap in Brazilian legislation and placing the country at the forefront of regulating this economic activity, the project is important to help the government in its effort to generate new sources of revenue.

“I believe we will have a loose vote, because Congress, especially the Senate, knows the importance of generating new alternative sources of resources for the Union. So we cannot let hypocrisy prosper. We have to work to approve it, because no one is inventing the game. We are regulating gambling in a law that has existed since 2018. So I hope that tomorrow the absolute majority will vote en masse for approval,” said the senator from Bahia.

Bill 3626/2023, reported by Angelo Coronel, changes the law that provides for the free distribution of prizes for the purpose of advertising (Law 5,768, of 1971) and the law that deals with the allocation of lottery collections and the lottery betting modality fixed quota (Law 13,756, of 2018). According to the text, bets can be placed physically, through the purchase of printed tickets, or virtually through access to electronic channels.

Senator Angelo Coronel said he recognized that the opposition may try to obstruct the vote, especially because it tried to prevent the approval of the project during the discussion in the Economic Affairs Committee. Coronel, however, is betting on the approval of the project this Wednesday.

“In parliament, everything is possible. The Senate is the house of negotiation, but we will try to do everything in peace so that we quickly approve the project that regulates betting, so that it meets society's expectations,” said Coronel.

If Bill 3626/2023 is approved in the Plenary, it will be sent again to the Chamber of Deputies, as the senators made changes to the text approved by the deputies. In the Chamber, the project must be reported again by deputy Adolfo Viana, from the PSDB of Bahia.

Source: Bahia Notícias