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Eightroom brings together teams from Brazil and Uruguay to officially launch Vpag Wallet

A new payments solution for the iGaming sector was officially launched last week. Vpag Wallet is a virtual wallet that, in addition to facilitating financial transactions between bettors and bookmakers, offers an exclusive points program and special promotions reserved for Clube V+ members.

Vpag Wallet was presented to the market during BiS SiGMA Américas, in São Paulo, and during this period of implementation, the company dedicated itself to understanding not only the needs of sports betting houses and online gaming, but mainly the user's interaction with the new virtual wallet.

Vpag Wallet was designed precisely for this. Increasingly improve the user experience with great robustness, security and speed in financial transactions. Based on cutting-edge identity verification and validation technology, excellent risk management and digital onboarding culminated in a consolidated product for the gaming and betting market.

The payments solution has been improved over the last few months and last week Eightroom brought together its teams from Brazil and Uruguay to celebrate this unique moment of delivering a product completely designed for the user experience, completely in Portuguese and with all the characteristics that have been highlighted in the process of regulating sports betting in Brazil.



Among the benefits of the new digital wallet are an incredible loyalty program in which users receive up to 10 times more points with each transfer, exclusive promotions for Clube V+ members and various bonuses and promotions, in addition to the possibility of exchanging points for products in the Store V+.

With the new Vpag Wallet, it is possible to send money to the bettor's favorite website in less than 5 seconds, with unlimited and instant deposits via PI and immediate withdrawals directly to the user's bank account.

Satisfied with the results from the presentation of the new payments solution to the meeting that brought together teams from the Uruguay and Brazilian offices for the celebration, Eightroom states: “Now the sky is the limit. Live every victory!”

To learn more about the Vpag Wallet solution, simply click here.

Source: GMB