DOM 21 DE ABRIL DE 2024 - 05:19hs.
Law enacted in January

Tocantins government published decree regulating state lottery

A decree regulating the operation of the state lottery in Tocantins was published in the Official Gazette this Wednesday (29). The law creating the service was sanctioned in January of this year by the Legislative Assembly. The coordination of the lottery service will be managed by the Department of Finance, but there is still no official timeframe for when the lottery will begin operating.

The decree, signed by Governor Wanderlei Barbosa (Republicanos), establishes that the services can be directly operated by the Department of Finance, through a public or private company, or through the concession of the service. Since January, the government has been working with the expectation of a concession.

The text outlines lottery modalities, operating rules, revenue distribution, and areas where funds should be allocated.

The law, which approved the exploration in January, included provisions for directing funds towards sports improvement projects, cancer prevention actions, investments in technology, and the Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children (Apae).

The decree published this Wednesday (29) introduces a change in the allocation of resources, specifying a 90% investment in sports and allocating 10% to the Real Estate Company of Participations, Investments, and Partnerships.

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