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“Obrigado, Nação Azul”

Betfair gives its own space on jersey so that Cruzeiro honors its fans

After a Brasileirão 2023 full of emotions and struggle, Cruzeiro will enter the pitch in the last round, this Wednesday (6), for the game against Palmeiras with a different jersey. Betfair, the club's main sponsor, provided its space to pay tribute to the fans. The team will enter the field with the following phrase printed on the chest: “Obrigado, Nação Azul” (Thank you, Blue Nation).

After three seasons competing in Series B, the team from Minas Gerais returned to Brazil’s first division this year. The club fought hard to achieve the objectives set for this season. One of them is the possibility of guaranteeing qualification for the 2024 Copa Sudamericana, a feat that can be achieved with a draw against Palmeiras.

With more than 10 million fans, Betfair decided to give up its space on Cruzeiro's jersey, which it has sponsored since January 2023, to celebrate the affection that these fans gave to the club in 2023.

According to Shane O’Driscoll, marketing director at Betfair, the initiative reinforces the partnership between the companies.

“When we signed the partnership, in January 2023, we knew how important it would be to support Cruzeiro at an especially important moment in its history of more than 100 years. Support from fans this season was fundamental and Betfair was at the side of the club and its fans throughout the year, offering the best exclusive experiences and providing content that brought fans even closer to their team. Nothing more fair than paying tribute to those who have always been close to Cruzeiro and us. We will continue to demonstrate, in 2024, that with Betfair the game is different.”

For Gabriel Lima, Cruzeiro's CEO, the fans were of utmost importance in Cruzeiro's return to Série A of the Brasileirão and Betfair pays a beautiful tribute to Cruzeiro's fans.

“This has been a challenging year for all of us. We always made it clear that our fans would play a fundamental role in this first year in Serie A and we felt embraced by them. Therefore, we designed this action of thanks and hope to repay the support of the Blue Nation more and more on the field,” said Lima.

Attacking midfielder Matheus Pereira praised the initiative and stated that the fans were fundamental, being the twelfth player in the matches. “Speak up, Nação Azul! I was very happy with Betfair, who gave us this space on the shirt to pay homage to our fans, who gave us great support this season. You are very important, you were very important and you will always be important to us.”

Thinking about 2024, the athlete projects a season fighting for great campaigns, always counting on the support of the ‘Nação Azul’. “We want to have a great campaign in 2024 and we continue to count on your support to put Cruzeiro up there, where it has always been and is the place the club deserves,” concludes the midfielder.

Cruzeiro and Betfair signed a two-year sponsorship contract. The agreement signed includes master exposure on the men's team, in addition to the upper back on the women's team. The Betfair brand is also present in all Cruzeiro digital media, interview backdrops, right on the team's official bus, in addition to being the promoter of the Cruzeiro Caravana, held in cities in the interior of Minas Gerais.

One of the largest online sports betting providers in the world, Betfair is an official sponsor of the Cruzeiro and Palmeiras teams. The company, founded in London (ING) in 2000, pioneered the offering of peer-to-peer betting (Betfair Exchange) and manages a complete suite of sports betting, entertainment events and online gaming products for more of four million customers over the age of 18 worldwide.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, the platform offers a wide catalog of products that allow you to bet with your own odds and odds offered by other users. Betfair is licensed to operate online betting and other games in 19 countries, including Spain, Italy, Malta, Colombia and Great Britain.

Source: GMB