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Demonstration of the progress

ReferOn welcomes 7StarsPartners to its platform

State-of-the-art affiliate management platform ReferOn announces its latest partnership with 7StarsPartners, one of the leading affiliate programs in the iGaming industry. The agreement is a further demonstration of the progress being made by ReferOn since launching in February and as part of the partnership, ReferOn will integrate 7Stars’ leading brands.

ReferOn’s platform is focused on ease-of-use, speed and leveraging its state-of-the-art technology for the benefit of affiliates. By joining the platform, 7StarsPartners will be able to benefit from ReferOn’s brand new features such as Dynamic Reporting, user-friendly dashboards or Instant API Reports.

Since going live the company has focused on key attributes like transparency and trust and combined them with the latest technology to optimize functionalities such as tracking, rewards, BI and payments.

David Harris, Program Tech Lead Manager at ReferOn, commented: "Welcoming 7StarsPartners onto our platform is a further sign that ReferOn is the right affiliate platform for gaming affiliates wanting a full service affiliate, media and advertising management platform that provides a complete picture of all their key metrics."



"Our technology enables affiliates to focus on developing their services and growing their business and shows that affiliates working off older platforms should not be afraid of reassessing their platform needs. We provide user-friendly dashboards, transparent reports and improve their marketing options through data-driven decision making", he added.

Krystal Tsiattalos, Head Of Affiliates at 7StarsPartners, added: Joining ReferOn was an easy decision as we are focused on optimization, efficiency and benefiting from the latest technology. ReferOn will allow us to enjoy stable and scalable infrastructure, user-friendly dashboards that compile statistics and data into a “master” dashboard and flexible management of performance metrics and commission allocations.”

The state-of-the-art affiliate management system ReferOn is a cutting-edge solution for optimizing affiliate marketing program.

With advanced features such as dynamic reporting, interactive dashboards, robust rewarding, media tracking, API reports, and a customizable ad-serving platform, ReferOn offers unparalleled efficiency, while its intuitive interface and flexible settings make working with it incredibly easy and satisfying.

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Source: GMB