MAR 16 DE JULIO DE 2024 - 12:50hs.
Karen Sierra-Hughes, VP LatAm and Caribbean

“Responsible gaming is one of GLI's priorities, as well as being close to the Brazilian market”

GLI, one of the most important gaming certification labs, welcomed GMB at its stand for an interview with VP LatAm and Caribe Karen Sierra-Hughes. Taking advantage of the fair to publicize the recent merger of Slovenian laboratory SIQ Ljubljana with GLI structure, she highlighted the importance of responsible gaming and reinforced that she has been working closely with providers, lotteries and other players in Brazil with an eye on advances of the legislation.


GMB – What is your impression of ICE London 2023?
Karen Sierra-Hughes
– Expectations were fully met. ICE is great for us. It is one of the top shows in the world, especially for GLI, which has a global presence. We have representations from all our units such as Asia, Europe and Latin America, and we have had numerous visits from clients from many jurisdictions and regulators. The content of ICE VOX also lived up to the importance of the event as a whole.


That is, as a certification company, is ICE London approved?
I'm sure it's perfectly certified.

You have many news, like SIQ Ljubljana!
Exactly. One of the themes we are presenting is precisely the association we have with SIQ, which becomes part of our family. It is a Slovenian laboratory that joins the group. We are delighted that they have joined GLI and expanded our team, bringing all their expertise to the markets where they already operate. We are also growing in Spain and we highlight this at ICE London, as this market is also important due to the language, in addition to the work we develop throughout Latin America. All of the services that we have provided to the market for so many years were discussed at the fair, including the theme of responsible gaming, where we are very attentive.

Responsible gaming is a very sensitive topic for the sector!
It is fundamental and I would like to point out that in the case of Latin America and the Caribbean, this topic is being widely accepted and there has been a lot of proactivity on the part of the industry. Providers and operators have approached the GLI for guidance as they are preparing their own responsible gaming guides and adapting their processes. This is surprising, as they are not waiting for regulatory determinations, but very proactively anticipating them in this regard.



In Latin America there is a lot of movement in the market due to the fact that many countries are seeking their regulations.
Exactly. We have been operating in Latin America for more than 20 years and we always try to accompany the industry and government entities to stay ahead of everything and offer all our knowledge in terms of regulations, both for opening up new countries and for including new gaming verticals so that our segment is increasingly successful. Therefore, we are working hard, helping governments and regulators with their legislation and alongside operators and other providers, including responsible gaming and certifications.


Is the Brazilian market in the focus of GLI?
Of course. We have Valter Delfraro at the head of business in the country. He is very attentive to the issue of regulation and is also focused on the direction of the lotteries, always supporting government issues. In addition, we provide support to numerous Brazilian providers that are our customers. So we hope things move forward at the pace they have to move forward.

Source: Exclusive GMB